The table "prodfeatures_options" appears to contain an error of some sort. I can read data from a specific field or any combination of those in the documentation. For example, this works just fine:

"SELECT id, caption_id, featurename, featureprice, sorting, partnumber, imagepath, selected, hidden, optcatalogid, advopt_code FROM prodfeatures_options WHERE caption_id = 2049"

However, if I try "SELECT * FROM prodfeatures_options WHERE caption_id = 2049" (which should pull the exact same info as the above code), it gives me the following error:

Error trying to get data from the store. Technical description: The '(' character, hexadecimal value 0x28, cannot be included in a name. Line 1, position 371. --- request params: ...

This may be of use to you (3dCart): Parenthesis in XML tag name

Anyway, just something to be aware of (and maybe fix if you work on the backend code for and you happen to see this post).