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    Hello everyone!

    Like many of you, I drop ship the majority of my products. Each day I download (or should download daily) inventory counts from my suppliers, run them through Excel, and then upload the data to my website.

    For some time now I have been trying to automate this process. I am now looking at hiring an API programmer to get the data from Excel to my website because macros to upload through the admin panel have failed multiple times. Assuming the API works, I will still need to download the supplier files daily. I am looking for a downloader that will download files on a schedule. Most download managers allow you to schedule a download, but once it finally downloads, it will not re-download the file the next day. The downloader assumes the file did not change and does not need to be downloaded again.

    I found GetRight, which seems to work and is not that expensive, but I thought I would ask before buying. Maybe some of you know one that works better and/or is free. Since downloading these 3-4 files daily is the ONLY thing I need it for, I want it to run in the background without affecting my usual day to day computer tasks, whihc worries me about GetRight and the other managers. Many have recommended Wget, but it is a command line based program and frankly, I am not comfortable with it.

    Thanks! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    You might want to take a look at badboy Badboy - Recording

    We don't do much dropshipping but we use it twice a day to upload our inventory files all our sales channels.

    Basically it works like a macro. It detects what you click on each page and then can play it back. So instead of going to 4 sites to upload / download files you could just run your badboy file to download everything. You would then update your excel or csv file and then you could run another bad boy file to upload your changes.

    It still takes some manual work but it is easier then going to several sites each day and downloading / uploading files. I also believe you can automate it and put it on a schedule but I haven't done that yet since it is easier to just run it manually.


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      Thanks for the info!

      BadBoy is working pretty good with a few minor issues. I am trying some workarounds for it.

      You may have run into this. In order for BB to recognize the login fields, I have to record in "Navigation" mode. All is well until I need to perform a downlaod>save as. Then the download tool doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions? - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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        Got it! I started recording in Navigation mode and turned it off after logging in. Works like a charm! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors