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    We just moved from another provider and we must say that the only thing we miss is the community forum. This forum is strangely dead. While we understand the theory that everyone's sites are working fine, that doesn't explain the lack of a helping hand. On the "other" forum we would post a question or request help and we'd get a dozen answers within a day or two.

    There were always people there to lend a helping hand. We intend to here once we get a bit more familiar with the platform, but it's so dead here it might not make much of a difference.

    It just seems strange that a LOT of people on this forum complain about 3DCart trying to charge for every little change yet very few here ever bother to share what they've done with other users on the forum.

    3DCart will ALWAYS charge as long as there is no other avenue for their customers to get help, i.e. the forum.

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    I check the forum literally a dozen times a day for new posts. I've only seen you post one question, which for me was not specific enough to dig into.

    No, the forum isn't super active, but I would not call it dead by any means.


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      Would tend to agree with cbsteven. What you put in is what you get out. So?


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        Interesting assumption: Not a lot of chatter = non-helping people.

        If you post a question here, you will usually get help/answer within 24 hours.

        I agree with cbsteven. Your last post was vague and confusing on what you were trying to do or accomplish.

        I moderate a very active forum. I always explain to people.....If no one answers your questions, you need to go back and rewrite your question. It is not that people are un-helpful. People are very helpful when there is a clear request. If the request is murky or confusing, people do not have time to try and figure out what the question is about.


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          I am not super active, but I do usually check the forum at least a few times per day. Since I am nowhere near as tech savvy as cbsteven or several other members, I can't help as often as I would like. I do, however, always offer what input I can. When I have a question or comment it is almost always answered. In addition, I have gotten dozens of excellent ideas and suggestions from discussions and questions posted by others. Stay positive and active on the forum and you will get the help that you need.
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            I agree with the others, the forums are not dead.

            We are running our business, so we don't always have the time to check the boards on a daily basis. Thankfully we are quite busy. I do get on to help when I can. Some people respond via PM's also, so you might not see their response on the forums. I pm'd someone yesterday to mention something about their site, but I did not post it on forums.


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              We weren't out to insult anyone, we just see dozens and dozens of posts with hundreds of views but no replies and the questions seem fairly clear. We even feel ours was particularly clear, how do we change our category list from collapsed to expanded, like in another template. We don't really need an answer now as we're going to leave it as it is now, especially since we're not familiar enough with the coding here yet to attempt the change ourselves.

              All we were saying was that compared to our last forum, with dozens and dozens of posts a day, each with dozens of answers within days, this forum is comparatively dead. If we had a question or issue on our old platform, 90% of the time the question had been asked and answered thoroughly on the forum, on this platform so far we've had a good dozen questions, got half the answers from the knowledgebase (which is quite good here) and the rest we've fumbled around to figure out ourselves. (having to reset our site twice due to mistakes)


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                Forum participation

                I generally find this forum to be helpful - and somebody stated something similar - personally I can work on my store or on my Facebook fan page or I can come here and jump down the rabbit hole


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                  I think the forum is doing great. I have received a lot of help - and the advice has been on target.

                  The supportive nature of the forum is outstanding. I've been on other forums that are "busy" but the activity appears to personal issues between contributors and "helpful" tips that are posted by marketers. Here, the contributors are respectful of each other and make valid contributions. In summary, it is "quality" not quantity.

                  Furthermore, it appears that 3dcart monitors the forum. That's a great way to help us out.


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                    Generally, 3dcart support is pretty good. Not a ton of need to look here.