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  • Dedicated SSL Certificate

    I'm thinking about getting my own dedicated SSL certificate and could use some input from the rest of you. Do most of you have your own dedicated SSL? Do you find that it increases sales? Do customers really notice? What factors go into deciding whether you buy a certificate at all, and if you do, how much you spend on one? The price range certainly does vary and since I haven't had any problems using the shared certificate, it's easy for me to talk myself right out of it. I'm curious to know if you've really seen an increased conversion rate that you can definitely attribute to the acquisition of a dedicated SSL certificate.

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    We did have one or two customers comment a long while back when we were on a shared SSL several years back.

    We have been on a private SSL certificate for a long time now and in general we prefer its appearance to customers.

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      There's almost no way to directly attribute a sale to having a proper ssl certificate or not. However, on the flip side, think instead about whether or not you are removing every discouragement for customers to buy from your site.

      Those that are skeptical of buying online may very well try and "verify" your site, or at the least click on the ssl indicator in the browser address bar to "check you out". These people who are also skeptical would probably be smart enough to know that generally a scam site would pop up for a while.. throw some products up and disappear just as fast once they took some money. A site like that would not bother registering an ssl for an entire year when they can get one for free through 3dcart.

      As a general rule, if you take your store seriously, get a private ssl. For as little as $100, in the grand scheme of things, it supports your credibility. If customers know you take yourself seriously.. they will too. If they see you are making the proper effort to ensure their personal information is safe, they will feel more at ease, and that's where your conversions come back into play.


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        I have to agree with James on this one. Dedicated SSL certs are relatively short money in the grand scheme of things. Although you cannot directly measure the resulting increase in conversion rate, how many lost sales in your store (due to customers not trusting your site with shared SSL) would it take to equal the cost of a dedicated SSL?

        We've actually gone a step further and applied for an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. I think it was only about $250 for the whole year.


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          We saw an (unproved) slight increase in conversion rate with the EV cert over a standard cert. Geotrust EV is only around $250.


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            Dedicated SSL

            Thanks to all of you who provided feedback. I think I'm convinced now that it's money well spent.