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Trade show ideas?

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  • Trade show ideas?

    So our company will be going to some trade shows this spring and needs to be able to sell some of our product there. Staff is limited so transactions need to be quick and painless as possible. I'd really prefer not to have to create a customer, and then a phone order every time. The only thought I had was to use a product sheet and track how many of each we sold, then make 1 phone order to ourselves at the end of the day/weekend so that the income $ and inventory online were right.

    Does anyone have any better ideas?

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    If you create an account on the Front End of your web site, you can set your billing and shipping address to your address. These will be entered automatically once your are logged in, then all you have to do is add items, and enter credit card.
    You can create a customer group for you to set special pricing.
    Doing things on the front end would be easier and faster.


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      Correct me if I'm wrong, but wont the credit card typically get declined if the billing address doesnt match whats on the credit card? So you'd still have to collect & enter all of their information for each order.