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Anybody else have issues with search results?

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  • Anybody else have issues with search results?

    Currently a search with multiple words will not give items any propriety if one of the search terms is 3 letters or less.

    Example of this includes these three searches, each should pull the exact same results on my site (, but don't for this reason:

    "Rover" + "Carb" = correct results
    "CUV" + "Carb" = terrible results
    "UTV" + "Carb" = terrible results

    This issues affects every client of 3dcarts. How many users search by terms like "red shirt", "car wash", or "sewing kit" and get a terrible result because of this 3 letter word issue.

    My request to have this fixed has been answered with "There are 3rd party options available for customers that may require a more robust search feature."

    I am not looking for a more robust search. This is a very standard type search, and is already included in all other ecommerce software (Volusion, CommerceV3, Miva Merchant, 7Cart). All I want is 3dcart to fix a known problem with their algorithm.

    Does anybody else have this problem?