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  • Excel Help Needed

    I need to update a lot of listing pricing by comparing 2 spreadsheets. Since I haven't done this before, I could use some guidance. Can any of you explain the procedure or direct me to a program that can do it automatically? I need it to look at the current spreadsheet, compare it to the new information and then update differences.


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    I've found that vlookup, conditionals (IF) and basic math formulas can get you very far. I suggest watching a few videos on youtube and checking the microsoft help articles on these formulas. they can be nested like algebra. the internet abounds with forums devoted specifically to excel help.


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      I had to do something similar when I was importing data into 3dCart and all that stuff in Excel is over my head. I found a really great guy at to do the job for me for a really low cost. I would have spent much more time trying to figure it out myself when I can use that time doing stuff I know how to do! :-)
      Joe Arbogast


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        I was hoping it wasn't a nested or conditional statement. I have watched quite a few videos. None showed what I need to accomplish. I will keep trying.


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          celebra1 If you want to post a sample of your data in a google spreadsheet, explain what you want and share it to anyone with the link, I'll take a look. If I can do it quickly, I'll add in a formula for you. Just PM me with the link if you want.