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  • Please Complete Your Forum Profile

    Begin by create an avatar

    1. Look to the top right of the forum page and click on your username
    2. Select "My Profile"
    3. On the next page, Hover over the placeholder image that is there and you should see an "edit avatar" message come up.
    4. Click on it and it will give you the uploading options.

    Thanks for these instructions, Henry!

    While you're there...

    Click "About" in the horizontal menu to the right of your avatar.

    In "Status", you can enter something about yourself, name, etc. if you want.

    Under your avatar, click "Edit Settings"

    Date of Birth - You have the option to hide or display any part of your DOB. If you choose to hide it, only the administrator will have access to it.

    Contact Information - Other screen names (AIM, Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ) if you want to share them.

    Web - Personally, I think this is most important thing on this page. Other members want to take a look at your site and the neat things you've done with it. Please, please, put your store URL here. This is not the same as "Store URL" below.

    Biography - Totally optional, but could be useful if you have skills that might help other members. I don't think I'd put much personal info here.

    Location - City, state and country you're from. I doubt most people would object to other members knowing this.

    Interests - Your hobbies, etc. Your choice here.

    Occupation - Your job, I put "Owner, Tiny Bear Wild Bird Store" here.

    Store URL - Your 3dcartstores URL (From your welcome email). The format to use is: [yourdomain] Anything without will be rejected. I'm not sure what this is used for, or why it must have ".3dcartstores" after it. Henry?

    These things can be seen by anyone who goes to the forum, member or not, signed in or not:

    From my profile as an example:

    Your avatar (good for scaring off mice)
    Your forum screen name - cwnoah
    3dcart Newbie
    "Charlie Noah - Getting Comfortable With 3dcart"
    Last Activity: Today, 01:19 PM
    Joined: 05-24-2015
    Location: Independence, MO, USA

    Number of subscriptions, but not what they are
    Number of subscribers, but not who they are


    Links to posts you've made


    Basic Information
    Location - Independence, MO, USA
    Interests -
    Occupation - Owner, Tiny Bear Wild Bird Store

    Web -

    Total Posts
    Total Posts - 1189
    Posts Per Day - 0.64

    Visitor Messages
    Visitor Messages - Number of messages
    Most Recent Message - Message date, but not content

    General Information
    Last Activity - Today
    Joined Date - 08-10-2010
    Referrals - 0


    Posted photos, etc.
    (when I clicked this it went to sleep and never came back)

    Well, that's it in a nutshell. If you're still reading, thanks! If I got any of this wrong or left anything out, please let me know.