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New Admin Site is Simply Terrible.

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    Originally posted by 3dcart-Henry View Post
    Hello all

    I’ve been asked to communicate the following to our users in regards to the new admin interface:

    Starting today, we will be rolling an update to all 3dcart stores (created before September 1st 2015), which will allow you to switch back to the legacy admin interface.

    This is being done as a courtesy to our legacy merchants for the holiday season due to the fact that learning the new interface will be counter-productive in a busy selling season.

    If your store was provisioned (i.e. created on 3dcart) after September 1st, 2015; it only ever had the v7 admin, so it does not have a legacy interface to switch to. However, for our older stores created prior to 9/01/15, you will have the ability to switch back and forth between the two interfaces.

    Please keep in mind however that this ability to switch admins will be present only until January 2016. After the cutoff date in January, the new v7 Admin will be the only available interface option. Therefore, we encourage our users to switch to the new admin after the holiday season dust has settled to acclimate yourselves to the new interface.

    And for users who prefer to stay with the new interface, please continue to report any and all issues you may be experiencing with it so we can continue to address them.

    Thanks all.

    Thank You Very Much!


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      I don't like the new admin interface. Yes, I am a 5 year old dinosaur of using 3dcart and I'm not sure why we have to endure a new admin and learn what is where even though it is similar, it is still different. Don't see why the older admin could not have been improved and yet stayed the same. Why can't the legacy admin be offered all the time? I know why, because 3dcart does not want to update both. So we like it or lump it. I'm familiar with the new admin but I still do not like it, period.
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        Originally posted by DeanP View Post
        There are also a number of user experience oversights. For example the Product Description input box - which is used on every product - is one line tall, but the Keywords input box - rarely used on products - is 4 or 5 lines tall.
        YES! I am sick of expanding the description field. If there's a way to customize it (it can be re-sized, afterall), then why isn't there a way for me to save it that way? So frustrating!
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          Aghgh I guess if I'm going to add any products for the new year I better do them while I have the legacy interface still available to me then? Haven't tried to add a product yet so I'm not sure how to resize the description field. Why when they developed this didn't they get someone to work on it who really has a store and say this sucks, that sucks...oh wait, we did :-(


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            I have tried really hard to adapt to the new admin control panel. It has become extremely frustrating to use due to all of the extra white space on the screen, which requires a lot of scrolling to see everything on the screen.

            One example:
            On the product details screen, many of the fields where you input information are 2-3 times bigger than needed, like prices , weight, categories – that excessively large data entry fields and the astronomical amount of white space make your system extremely frustrating to use.
            One example: the manufacturer field is nearly half the width of the screen!

            On the images tab, this is where I get really annoyed: I no longer have the ability to copy and paste the URL of a photo in to a field.
            I have to manually select each photo – this drastically increases the amount of time needed to add photos.

            For a beginner, with a very small store, who doesn’t have a lot of images, this is fine – but for myself, where I have various folders for images of each product, and an easy naming convention for each set of photos for a given product, it’s fast to copy and paste the URL for each photo, not do a bunch of clicking and selecting to add photos.

            Here’s another example of the annoyingly large data fields:
            On the advanced tab of a product, ALL of the fields are too large, which adds to the amount of screen real-estate they consume, which means a person has to do a lot of scrolling since the fields take up so much space, plus all the empty space on the screen
            Why does a “date” field need to be so large? It’s at least 2.5 times in width bigger than what it needs to be.

            Another annoyance is the multi-step process needed to print an order.
            Instead of just click a “print” button, I have to click the little cog wheel, then click print from the menu that shows up.

            When running a business, efficiency is the name of the game.

            Your new admin cart is a step backwards with regard to efficient operation from a user standpoint, because it’s has things that require 2 or 3 more steps to get things done, or has changes so drastic, (like adding photos), that users have to completely change they way they do things since you made it so difficult to accomplish work.

            I would like the option to continue using the old admin panel. It works.
            The new admin panel really annoys me because it has so many “inefficiencies” built in to it.


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              3dcart disabled the legacy version this week. We have decided to begin the process of moving to bigcommerce. There are too many issues and workarounds we have had to do over the years and 3dcart has had 4 years to fix the issues with the new interface but are not listening to their customers. They pick pretty over functionality. Way too much time and too many clicks needed to do anything in the new interface.

              Every time they release a new version something get screwed up on our site. The settings change, products conflict with shipping settings. Templates get screwed up and customer notifications are suddenly missing our updates. These all cost us money and time. No doubt big commerce will cost more, but you get what you pay for usually in this business.


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                Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
                Way too much time and too many clicks needed to do anything in the new interface.
                You can add shortcuts by clicking the star icon in the bottom left. Great for areas of the admin you visit frequently. This will eliminate a lot of clicks.


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                  here's a crazy question - the new admin is 2/3 the size now?? What gives? The old admin took up nearly the entire screen - and no we did not touch monitor settings - it happened on it's own - here's the size now on our monitor - you can see the extra room now on left and right sides - not happy at all right now
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                    That is not the new admin. You're in the legacy admin.


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                      I will switch back to new admin and see if phone orders area has been updated
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