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Can items be excluded from the Google Shopping feed?

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  • Can items be excluded from the Google Shopping feed?

    We're struggling to become compliant with Google's mandate that all PLAs submitted to Merchant Center have valid GTIN numbers by May 16th. We're about 75% there, but it's been difficult to obtain this info for every product. Is there a way to voluntarily exclude items that aren't compliant from the feed to avoid suspension from Google Shopping?

    I asked Google, but they couldn't give me a definitive answer on anything. They said I could try using the excluded_destination tag (set to 'Shopping' for non-compliant items), but they wouldn't guarantee that this would be sufficient to avoid account suspension.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent certain items from appearing in the Shopping feed generated from 3DCart?

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    In the general store settings you can exclude non-searchable items from the shopping feeds. You have to go in and mark all those products as non-searchable and they will not be included in the feed when it is generated. This will also keep that product from showing up if someone searches for it on your website too.


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      Thanks, but I'm not actually trying to hide the items from our customers, I'm just trying to prevent these non-compliant items from showing up in our shopping feed. I would normally export the feed as a CSV then remove the non-compliant items, but the issue with this method is that the leading zeroes get stripped from the GTIN field.


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        It does not hide them from the customers. The products are still there in your store and will show up in normal google searches and in the categories etc.. It just wont show up if someone tries to find it in the internal website search box. As far as I know that is the only way to keep items out of the feed automatically. Perhaps you can use this as a stop gap measure since the due date for updating the GTIN is tomorrow. Manual editing is the only other option I know of. I do not do that so I am not sure what you mean by zeroes getting stripped form the GTIN field. Maybe that can be fixed with the numerical field formatting somehow before you convert it to a spreadsheet in excel etc? Someone else who does that should be able to help you.


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          If you use a service like Datafeedwatch -- you can set to exclude products from your feed.
          Joe Arbogast