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Any Volume Users of the Integrated 3D CRM? Alternatives?

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  • Any Volume Users of the Integrated 3D CRM? Alternatives?

    We've figured we would give the Native 3D ticket system a shot. We are about 2000 tickets in, and have come to the realization that the integrated ticket system is abysmal. Some of the most basic of basic functionality is tickets auto closing after set time, etc.

    #1 - Anyone here Using the system daily with good success and processing a quantity of tickets?
    #2 - Anyone integrated a different system such as Zendesk or Salesforce with 3d Cart?

    #3 - I was dis-appointed to be told there is NO way to retrieve our existing ticket information from the 3d cart system to import into a viable solution....

    #4 - Looks like we will probably go with Zendesk. Currently working on the integration into the Zendesk contact us forms, etc. Any opinions/experience with Zendesk.

    We are a small company and do not have IT staff full time...hence we had so hoped the 3d CRM would have some of the basics of a decent CRM system.....

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    we are close to pulling the trigger on zen desk - not having user friendly kb is insane


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      Please let us know how you like Zen Desk.

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        I'd also be interested in zendesk ... or salesforce for that matter.


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          Just a bit of an update. I was contacted by 3d cart and they have offered to export all old CRM ticket information into CSV for us. We will be taking them up on this, and while I don't like having to pay $200 for something that should be available, I am pleased that they were willing to do this...... We have not gone live with Zendesk yet, but have our new support site up in testing mode. WAY BETTER option for us. Once integrated into the contact us pages, it should give a good customer experience. Currently trying to get our knowledge base into Zendesk. Hope to go live in about 10 days.

          Our existing 3d website:
          Our Zendesk Customer Support Site:

          The automation of Zendesk is impressive.

          Please note, if you are considering an alternative option you may want to talk with 3D. After I had already contracted for Zendesk, 3D reached out and would have been able to custom program some of the main features that we needed such as Tickets auto closing after set time...etc. As I mentioned to 3D I think they are leaving a lot of money on the table as I would have been happy to pay for an upgraded ticket system with 3d, versus paying it to another company....

          Food for thought.