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  • Cookies 'Stone Walled' Customer

    Just curious as to if anyone else has had customers (well visitors really) have complained about cookies on your site. I have no extra cookies other than what comes with the hosting.

    Today we received a CRM from a pretty irate visitor saying he was "stoned walled by your ignorant cookie policy". Not sure exactly what he meant but he did say he runs his internet connection over VPN and if our servers require him to open his computer up to viruses, we were hoodwinked.

    Not exactly sure what he wants from us?!

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    Just shrug it off.

    You could ask him how he logs into his bank account if he doesn't allow cookies... but that's probably not a path you want to go down.

    Cookies are essentially required to operate a website that must track sessions, authenticate users, and remember things even after the user leaves your site (like items in the shopping cart)... such as an ecommerce site.

    Cookies have nothing to do with getting a virus, and in order for a cookie to be exploited and divulge private data (or allow session spoofing), you'd already have to have an infection...

    Here's a great article explaining why cookies aren't a bad thing, and why they're often very misunderstood by "normal" people:

    Just wanted to also point out he's using a VPN for regular web traffic all the time, which doesn't really provide anonymity like he thinks... his DNS queries are likely going to his ISP (default on many VPN clients), and if he logs into any personal accounts such as email or banking (which he probably can't if he's disabled cookies...), then his traffic could be correlated back to the origin.

    So, you have an ultra paranoid visitor, who has a terrible understanding of what this technology is. It won't be worth your time to try to explain it to him...


    If I sound ranty, it's because I am lol. We also get this same thing from time-to-time... I used to try to explain things to customers in hopes they'd reconsider... but these are usually the most unreasonable people.


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      He came across as (for lack of a better word) know-it-all. Claimed to be a network specialist. I sent him a polite response and haven't had any response from him. Had to write the response several times before I sent it so I didn't sound passive aggressive.


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        Originally posted by AmagArtwork View Post
        Claimed to be a network specialist.
        Maybe a Social Network specialist ;-P