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  • Love the New Ticket System

    Thank you for the re-design of the ticket system on the admin side, it looks great!

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    You still can't load an attachment. If you need to send a screen shot, or video, you still have to open the ticket on the admin, then go the support portal, find your ticket, and post a response with the attachment. Still not user friendly.


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      elightbox I too have issue with the lack of attachment options. I also have a real issue with 3dCart suggesting use of 3rd party image hosting services.

      These services are of unknown trustworthiness, and may or may not protect the uploaded data according to PCI-DSS standards. 3dCart does not have a mechanism to allow uploading more sensitive data screenshots, such as customer accounts, which is surely contradictory to data security and privacy policies.

      If there is a data breach, and it's caused by a leaked sensitive screen shot, who will take the blame? 3dCart, the hosting service, or us?

      It's not just screenshots that are an issue either. Uploading PDF and documents for PCI-DSS vulnerabilities are necessary after a failing a scan. If these documents were leaked, they could potentially be used maliciously.

      I simply don't trust uploading these types of things to a unknown 3rd party service.