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3dcart and Shipstation platforms have crashed again - no communication between the 2

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  • 3dcart and Shipstation platforms have crashed again - no communication between the 2

    Shipstation and 3dcart integration down again! We are very frustrated - had this issue a month ago and the 2 platforms could not communicate for 8 days!!! To manually import orders via .csv files, post back tracking numbers and dates is simply not good. The REST API is the issue and we were told a month ago that once the new update happened it would be fixed, in the meantime it takes about 4 mins for our orders to be uploaded to shipstation, that was before the integration between the 2 platforms crashed again yesterday. Now absolutely no communication between the platforms. We used 3dcart for years and have looked at all the other shipment platforms, Hands down shipstation outdoes all of them so we would not leave shipstation as their address validation saves us hundreds of dollars per year. Is anyone else experiencing more errors like this lately with other platforms with 3dcart? Shipstation told us it's all the stores that have 3dcart and shipstation that are affected.

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    Yes, we are having problems too. 3dcart sent an email saying it was fixed. Shipstation then sent us and email that it was a 3dcart hotfix that caused it and they didn't know when it would be fixed. See the post "shipstation stopped working" from earlier today.


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      We started having issues about 1 month ago and were down for 8 days between the 2 platforms. 3dcart initiated a patch which then allowed the 2 platforms to communicate but it would take about 4 mins to transfer orders when it should only take 20-30 secs at most. then Wed around 2pm EDT everything dies again - absolutely no connection between the two - you can reset the RESP API until you are blue in your face. Someone touches something again at 3dcart and now we are back to being told this will be fixed with the next update at 3dcart. Used 3 dcart for years but losing confidence since shipstation is one platform we will not abandon. Only platform we have tested and used that validates down to suite/apt level and alert to an invalid address. Other platforms state they do and we tested them out and this was not the case. (tested top 10 platforms and even spoke to many of them) Many of the sales people even told us their platforms did this - when I told them we tested it out and this was not the case. Shipstation saves us hundreds if not thousands per year on address correction fees. We're told the REST API is complicated which I'm sure it is, but thats what engineers are for - we sell honey and "play with bees" we do not recode REST API. 3dcart originally told us we were the only store having this issue - Shipstation informed us yesterday this was not the case, all stores at 3dcart were being affected which is way more logical. Very frustrated since shipping 25-50 or more orders per day without this integration is adding extra hours and increased chances of shipping errors on our part, not happy!
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