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Site Down Weekly ... Reset Required

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  • Site Down Weekly ... Reset Required

    Seems my site needs a weekly reboot. I check my site frequently and get the dreaded page that something is wrong and that an email has been sent to the site admin. I have to call the 800# and then they reset the site. I'm concerned that 3dcart doesn't have an automated monitoring system to alert admins when a site goes down. Anyone else with this issue?

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    We have always had to inform 3dcart of our site outage. We had to use a third party monitoring system to monitor site uptime. We have been using Pingdom for years........


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      I found Uptime Robot. I will give them a try. It's free. I would think 3dcart would have their own internal systems to do this...but I suppose not.


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        No they do not. Not sure why when we have expressed concerns for years. Seems like a nominal expense to monitor the servers


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          I think these guys are using an outdated infrastructure and don't or can't update their coding easily/quickly with features that are NEEDED. I personally don't have 3DCart hosting my cart anymore. I'm helping admin my partner's cart. And the 5 people that I brought in to use this cart, have all left due to insufficient features. I now help admin their Free carts and they are happy.

          These guys have a good setup. They just need to add the needed features. My partner just closed one of his 3DCart's cart and I'm hanging in there with his other one lol. I may have to move him to a Free cart too if needed features don't get added in the near future. Job security for me at least LOL.