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  • People will try anything to get free products

    Hello to all, I was just wondering how many of you have shipped something to a customer and then had the customer send you an email telling you that the order arrived broken? We've had some, but not many and most of them are in fact telling the truth, but I had a custmer email me a couple of days ago and tell me his shipment arrived broken and that he wanted replacements. Our return policy clearly states that if the order is damaged during shipping, it is the responsibility of the shipper and to file a claim with them. Being the nice (dumb) person that I am, I told the customer to save on shipping cost, he could send me photos of the damaged items and I'd file it with UPS and send him replacement items. It took him over 9 days to get me the photo's, ( out of town on business ) and when I looked at them, I had to laugh:D You could tell without a doubt that the pictures had be doctored up with photoshop to look like the items had be chipped or like a chunk had been knocked out of the items. I sent him back an email and told him to send the products back to me and I would refund him his money. All of this for an order of less than $25.00 Anyway, no more mr. nice (dumb) guy, from now on, I will tell the customers to please read the return policy on merchandise damaged during shipment. Anybody else have a story like this?


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    I am actually amazed by how people always want to get something for nothing. I get customers who contact me all the time wanting me to give them discounts. I find this funny because I would never go to a brick-n-mortar store and just ask for discounts, so why people think it is ok to haggle a price online like I am a flea market amazes me.

    As far as customers contacting me stating something is damaged, I have had this a few times and as far as I am concerned they seemed legit. The customers were nice about it and wanted to know how they could return the damaged product and get non-damaged product. I figure if it was't really damaged they wouldn't want to send it back, and they would probably be demanding a refund.


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      I've had very few problems over the 10 years I've sold online. For damaged things I have never thought anyone was 'misrepresenting' and it happens very little - maybe once a year.

      The best story is a woman who bought a bracelet for a friend. It was made with very high quality materials (sterling silver, Swarovski Crystals, and Swarovski faux pearls) The cost was $34.95. I have a 30 day return policy if my jewelry breaks, as the most common reason is I may not have a good crimp on the wire.

      Well - 15 months later the customer emails me VERY upset because her friends bracelet had worn away the paint on the faux pearls. Turns out she wore the bracelet 24/7 for 15 months. She wanted her money back. I told her to return the bracelet and she could get credit for something different - which she did, I also offered to restring it for her at no cost. The bracelet did look terriible as the paint had worn off the pearls - but this is to be expected if the bracelet is worn continuously for over a year. I just replaced it with something else and moved on.

      However my biggest problem by far is people stealing my poems. I have poems that I've written for friendship, mothers, daughters etc - that go with some of my jewelry. I'm always finding them for sale on ebay, etsy and personal web sites and one person said she bought my poem in a jewelry store. Copyright issues are a nightmare.

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        I specifically state on my policy in regards to Returns and or Exchange that if a customer needs a replacement, they have to return the purchased product. This will then be covered by the manufacturer's warranty (1 year) and a replacement will then be shipped to the same address in the original transaction. I've had a few wherein it was broken but with user error, which specifically stated would not be covered for replacement. Since I accept returns and exchange, customers still think they can get away with it.

        Here's a good example:
        A customer purchased a privacy screen for which he wasn't happy at all! Installed the film and didn't like the way he did it and asked to be refunded. It was disputed for weeks.. it was hell! Where do you get a store where they use the film and ask for a refund because it didn't come out right? DUMBdumb *sighs*

        When I ship my product, they are always sealed and with tamper resistant sticker labeled "Unreturnable If Seal Is Broken". So if they open it and claim it was broken, they never should have opened it to see it was broken. Good thing all products I have are in clear plastic packaging.


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          last xmas, I purchased an archos portable media player from amazon. it arrived with damage to the screen. I contacted them, they sent me a replacement and a box to return it. 1 month later, i got a refund to my credit card as well. I called them and they were adamant that there was no discrepancy, and refused to look into it any further.

          Who am I to argue :)


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            That makes you a bottom feeding, scum sucking, merchandise scamming... ummm, low life of a human! No, no! I got it... (this'll get him) --

            You... You PROGRAMMER you!


            Had you been a stand up sort of guy, you would have researched (by product lot number) when the unit was manufactured and purchased a list of all resellers that received goods from that run. You then would have found out which of those merchants sold on Amazon. From there, it should have been pretty easy to determine which seller from that list was doing business in the city and state where the package received it's post mark. You then could have returned (at YOUR expense - you low life) the product that you stole from them.

            I swear! People will do ANYthing to get sump'n' for nuttin'!



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              I have lots of customers like that (See 1st post)

              I just want to share, I sell corset etc, so there's a lady bought it, and it's like more than 1 week, she said she doesnt like it, the policy is 3 days I think. But she's angry, then my manager said, 'ok.. send that back; we will refund with cut X% for inventory update' then, when we received that corset, it's already NO Tags, the corset is white, but it's not bright anymore.. and the last is.. smell like cigarettes! :eek:

              Dunno what she did, but we told her, we can't give her back as a fully refund, because no tags, and worn.. :( Oucchh, she angrier than before, she said, she doesn't wanna know, so we sent her full refund sadly.. :mad:

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