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  • Confused & Dumbfounded

    We stopped receiving emails to our email addresses for our store. We have spoke to various support techs and received varying answers without any implementable solutions. Anyone else experienced this issue and resolved it? Please advise.

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    Update for anyone who might have this issue in the future. 3dCart migrated our mail server to another server. Our settings were not setup to work in conjunction with the move so we lost our ability to send and receive mail. Also, we use Cloudflare, and to further complicate matters our Cloudflare email was one that was affected so we could not login to Cloudflare to redirect the servers to the new settings. Ultimately, we have to point the DNS at 3dCart to update then after the mail was working again we were able to get back into Cloudflare and reset mail settings.

    Everything we read told us that a DNS update could take 24-48 hours so we were very hesitant to make any changes but in the end it was nearly seamless transition each time.

    When this issue began, we contacted 3dCart support and had to spend 30 minutes getting past tier 1 support techs to get to someone at a higher level who still was unable to assist. Answers from support were contrary one to another and the process was frustrating. Finally after the CEO of the company got involved we were able to get the solution implemented.

    We have been a 3dCart customer for 10 years. We would definitely like to see the customer service department streamline to work more efficient when there is an issue.


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      We had no issues. I did notice 3dCart had mail issues for a couple days when I checked on the API status here: Maybe its resolved now...


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        I had some emails go missing and some delayed for hours last week and over the weekend.

        It would have been nice to actually have been told something from 3DC.