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  • Ship to Canada?

    Do you ship to Canada? Have you had any problems with this?

    I ship to Canada but get very few orders that result in shipping to Canada. I suspect this is because of the shipping and customs fees.

    I am actually fine with this, because it is a bit of a pain to ship to Canada. Recently I have had a couple of orders with Canada address that I find questionable (I suspect fraud). These orders the person orders one thing from every one of my dropshippers thus I actually end up making no money due to shipping. They are impossible to contact in regards to there orders. Plus they pay more for shipping than they are for the items, not to mention custom fees which typically I don't see.

    Anyway, I am starting to question if it is even worth shipping to Canada at his point. What are your experiences?

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    We ship world-wide via the USPS International Express (EMS) service exclusively. It's proven itself to be fast, safe, reliable and cost effective once you consider insurance, tracking, signature deliver confirmation, etc.



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      We used to ship to Canada, but stopped several months ago because of the additional hassle involved in shipping, paperwork, and having to stand in line at the post office (which was the worse) - which we don't have to do with U.S. shipments. We weren't getting very many orders anyway, so it wasn't a huge loss for us.

      It's something that we may look into in the future, once we have a little more time and perhaps a different shipping arrangement.


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        depending on the size/weight of what you are shipping, we too use USPS international Express, and i recommend them.

        As far as paperwork goes, its less painful when using the online shipper at And you then dont have to wait in line in the PO, you can just drop it off, or have a mail carrier pick it up, and you're done.


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          I don't have issues with shipping to Canada. And as what ontiltcasinogear said, use If you don't have an account with them, open one so you can keep your shipping history on file for download later. Make sure you always print "Shipping Confirmation Acceptance Notice". This information will help you and your customer show that the package was indeed received by the Post Office and was scanned. This is helpful when they opted to have it shipped via Priority, which does not have tracking information. Another thing as well, get a PO Box if this is an option for you. I drop my international packages without even waiting in line. Delivery basically hands it to the post office clerk wherein they scan and accept the package and drop the paperwork inside my PO Box. Very convenient and fast.