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Neep help, Buy button bypassing Customization page?

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  • Neep help, Buy button bypassing Customization page?

    Hey everyone,

    I have been looking over the knowledge base and have not found the answer to my problem. I need your help.

    When my customers look at the catlogue page they may click the product picture (as most do) or click the small Buy button below the picture.

    I did not ever think to check the buy button when I was looking for bugs, but when customers click the buy button it bypasses the customization and options page, leading to the final check out, and therefore are not able to add a greeting to their gift or choose colors.

    How do I remove/ reroute this Buy button so that it leads to the customization and options page?
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    I'm trying to remember how we changed ours.

    I believe that you'll need to go to your category template and find the section under:


    You would find the line with [category_buyitlink] in it a few rows down.
    Change the link between the <a> tags to:

    <a href="product.asp?itemid=[catalogid]&amp;catid=[catid]">[category_buyitlink]</a>

    I can't remember if you'll need to do this for only Item_Template_0 or all of them on the category template. I think I changed all of them, but that may be unnecessary.

    Next, in the Admin Panel under Settings>>Design>>Store Language. Under the 2nd section labeled "Category" the very first item is "Buyitlink" - you would change that text from the default "Add to Cart" or "Buy" to read something like, "More information".

    Hope this helps and hope it works.


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      Thank you for your help.


      Thank you greatly fo your help, I will investigate using this.

      I want to let you know how Samantha from 3D support helped very quickly.

      She told me to make one or more of the options required and this would make the buy button route to the customization page.

      Thank you Sam!

      All the best to everyone,
      John Watkins


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        Make sure your options are required. If there are any options that are required then clicking the buy button should still take them to the details screen. You can also change the wording of the buy button text in the Store Settings Language if you want.

        Hope this helps.

        (sorry - didn't read the full post - saw you already had this solution)
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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          Category Options no longer works in version 3. Anyone have a work around? :confused:


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            Mark - I submitted this as a high priority ticket. In my opinion it's a bug.

            The category options are still available when setting up the categories - so they should work.

            I suggest you submit a help ticket ASAP.

            One thing I haven't tried - using the options with one of the new templates. Not sure if that would make a difference or not - I'm still on my old Layout9 template.

            C Ekman
            Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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              This works great - thank you!

              This is awesome help thanks!
              Just a note: If you don't want anything to actually be required you can create a blank option and make it required to direct them to the customization page.

              see attached jpeg [blankoption.jpg] for example.
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                A blank option will not work. That worked previosuly, but, beware now.