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Back to School hurting Sales

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  • Back to School hurting Sales

    I think!
    In a slump now. Almost as bad as when the olympics were on tv... :(

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    Slump doesn't even begin to describe what I"m going through. This is, I believe, 100% due to losing my spots in organic searches since I switched to 3dcart.

    Not blaming the cart - just a fact.

    Hoping things will perk up soon.
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      How long on 3dcart? I know it took at least a year for me to get up to speed with any consistent traffic


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        We switched over to 3dcart from Monster Commerce and went up in ranking within a month


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          I can't say enough about how good 3Dcart is when it comes to organic ranking for us, mostly in Google.

          I don't like to hear that anyone is hurting. Maybe I have some ideas for you? PM should have increased with 3DCart, for a variety of reasons.


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            Mondays are my best conversion days. Just waiting for Monday Night football to ruin that for the next 16 weeks....:(
            About a 1/6 of my traffic comes from Texas, so, hurricane season could be contributing as well.
            Things usually pick up in late NOV into December. What I dislike most about the middle of December is customer expecting unrealistic shipping timeframes! I remember last year folks orderring like up 'til Dec 22 and wanting delivery as gifts! :rolleyes: And we're talking 60 lb equipment, not 2 oz Prioroty Mail. This year I'll cancel orders rather than sweat it out whether it arrives "in time". :(