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Are you full time or part time?

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  • Are you full time or part time?

    Do you have a "Day" job or is your ecommerce your sole income?
    I am a part timer for now, and, hopefully, in a few years, the ecommerce will allow me to retire to "stay home dad" status.....:D

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    My ecommerce business is my day job...on a full-time basis. However, I'm grateful that our family relies on my husband's day job as the primary source of income. Although with the state of the economy - supplementation for most families like ours is more than welcomed. :)


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      I'm full time - have been for 6 years.

      You can read about me and working at home on my blog (see recent posts)

      Click here

      My husband supports the family though. My money goes to vacations, Christmas presents and fun money.
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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        I would not really say part time or full time. Since e-commerce does not really need me to sit on the computer checking the orders. When orders come, I click "In Process" and ship it next day or same day depending on the time the transaction came through. I have QuickBooks, shipping accounts, warehouse and delivery. So basically don't need to man it to run it :)

        But I work as an Analyst. This helps run the business well... hehe