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Did you ever sell on Ebay?

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  • Did you ever sell on Ebay?

    I started on Ebay and soon thereafter found out the ship was sinking. I gathered an impressive 500+ feedback rating rather quickly, and was nearly power seller status. I jumped ship when they started to gouge fees and turned to 3dcart and never looked back. :)

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    No, never did sell on ebay - although many in my immediate family are and have been big ebay sellers for personal items.

    Haven't looked to ebay much since the products for one of my stores are not a good fit for ebay and for the other store - many of my suppliers prohibit ebay sales.


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      Years ago only used Ebay - then created my own web site to 'save money'. Ebay has recently lowered its rates for some things - especially if you're a power seller. They also now offer incentives if sellers do things like offer free shipping.

      I still use it for personal items and am going to start listing some of my altered art jewelry there.

      I'm there under user cekman

      I also buy from ebay quite frequently.
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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        I was a PowerSeller on eBay for 1 year. It went downhill when a competitor reported me that I was selling an item that they have sole distribution, which was of course a bull. Contacted eBay because they pulled out the item in question and told me to contact the seller who reported me. The stupid seller would not reply or answer my questions. So was really disappointed that they will automatically pull an item for which they have no proof of or have the decency to even question me if the report was legit. Pulled my items and went on my own (for over two years doing my own site). Business went really well that I have international resellers in Asia and Canada :) Since I can't handle the volume with updating the site, I searched and found 3dcart. The best find!
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