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About to Make My First Attempt at eCommerce

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  • About to Make My First Attempt at eCommerce

    Hey All,

    So I'm in the middle of trying out the demo cart, and I'm looking to get my store professionally designed so it has a "legit business" look vs the default template.

    I will most likely get the $400 package, as $800 is a bit pricey for a store in which I'm not even sure how well I'll do! (There are about 6-8 competitor sites selling similar products I have found, so money is being made at least)

    My questions to you guys:

    1) How long were you in business online before you started making profits
    2) Do your stores provide you a substantial income, or just "extra spending" money? (Ideally my store will fund a down payment for a condo next year)

    Cheers all!

    PS - Any advice appreciated

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    hopefully this doesn't sound too harsh, but it is meant to help you
    1. 400 for design is very cheap. we've worked on sites that spent $10k on design alone
    2. the web does not just give you free business. you have to market your store and drive traffic just like brick and mortar. if you don't have a plan that you are sure will work, you will probably fail
    3. there is no 'average' website. every business is unique. some companies will lose money for years, some will be immediately profitable.


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      We formed a limited liability company when I was laid off in 2005.
      The first two years we took a substantial loss on our tax returns and "played the game".
      They won't let you take a loss for more than about two years in a row.

      Once we reach 3 million in sales, I quit the day job! :)
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        don't let all this stuff scare ya. If you spend $400 on design, that's $300 more than I did :p . I'm already making a profit with my store (albeit very small), but then again, I started with an advantage. I already had a brick & mortar store, and hence, already had inventory.

        Like Mark said, each and every store is different. I think the biggest factor in the difference between success and failure with a venture into eCommerce is hard work. I don't think any other individual factor (like site design) is as important as hard work. You just need to really plug away, keep changing, editing, adding, tweaking your site and product offering...and hopefully you'll have more success than failure. I've found this business is "learning while doing" sort of good luck



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          A brand new site will take 12-24 months to make profit depending on the product you are selling. My 3D cart is my third cart, new domain and a niche product and the site has yet to make a profit. Keep in mind you will loose a few months building the site and loading products. Use G00gle base and the xml sitemap and that will help give you a boost. Also, go to any search engine and type in a phrase you think someone would use to find your site...see how man results are returned. This will give you some idea of the competition.


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            One recipe to being a good seller is know your product, do a good service and please customer. Yeah, even when sometimes they piss you off LOL

            If you have a huge market out there, learn to market it wisely that you can capture the "Big Buyers". Most of my customers are from company's purchasing department. How I got those? Special price. But I have to have the passion and the knowledge base in order to capture their interest that I am the best seller to provide them their mobile devices.


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              Feel free to give me a call and we can go over many of the design options and questions that you have about e-commerce.

              1-800-828-6650 x118
              [email protected]


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                I know you say the mobile markup language is webkit
                Please do tell are we talking
                • wml (WAP 1.x)

                • xhtml (WAP 2.0)

                also is it compatible with any of the following?
                • chtml (imode, etc.)
                • PDA-compliant html

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