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Thanks To 3dcart. Gonzalo, Jimmy etc.

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  • Thanks To 3dcart. Gonzalo, Jimmy etc.

    Just wanted to take the time to say thanks to you guys (and girls).

    I have dealt with many ISP providers in the last 5 years doing business. Too many actually. And I have to say that the support/service and quality of database that you guys offer is second to none.

    Thanks for what you offer, you have a very satisfied customer here.

    Rob King :)

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    I agree very knowledgeable. There have been many things that I thought to be impossible but they have come through for me on them. I only have one beef, GET ME UP & RUNNING!!!haha It has been about a year, I know insane, but mostly my fault, with only a few fixes left and I can go strong. Just need Gonzalo and team to finish me off, PLEEEAASSSEE!haha


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      Slow to Get Up and Running

      Hello, I was curious to see that it's taken you a year to get up and running.

      I agree, everyone here seems to be very knowlegable.

      I've been waiting about 6 months, and I've actually kept a log of my problems, changes and so forth.

      I have a very complicated site. More complicated than any I've ever seen. In some cases I have 10 Options, and each of those options might have up to 30 variances.

      Before paying, I was told that they could import the data into my new 3d Cart site, however it just screwed everything up.

      Things that were hidden on my old and current site were shown, variances were out of order.

      I can understand why it happened, but since I was told it would be simple, I am trying to get them to compensate me for my time.

      So, for 6 months I've been trying to get things ready for us to actually be able to do somthing with the site, and I still can't.

      My other site is with Monster Commerce, and although I'm not real happy with them, there is one BIG DIFFERENCE.

      When I call their customer service line, anytime 24/7, someone answers the phone, and with a brief wait, I get a tecnician who is able to help me with most problems.

      When I call 3 D Cart, I don't think I ever remember anyone actually answering the phone. It's always voice mail, and then I rarely get a call back.

      It's now been 3 weeks since I've given final approval for a Product Page Design, and I've heard nothing.

      Also, it's been about the same amount of time since I last talket to Gonzalo, and asked them to give me 3 months free at my next payment time, since I have no site, and most of the problems and delays were their fault.

      I've had no response either in an E-mail, or a phone call.



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        This is not the place to request a discount, nor the place to report a problem.

        Please submit a support ticket. If we fail to reply to your ticket, and you feel the support team is not helping you after you submitted a ticket, feel free to come back and comment on that.

        Further abuse of the forum will get your account cancelled.



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          Poor Customer Service

          Excuse Me?

          I thought I was in the Chat Section of the Forum.

          The person I was responding to mentioned that it had taken him a year and he's still not up and running.

          That was very interesting to me due to the problems that I have.

          I'm not lying, and I'm not swearing.

          I'm also not asking for help, I'm just chatting about what's happened to me.

          Now you're going to tell me that after I have a conversation with somone there, if I don't get a response after a couple of weeks I'm supposed to fill out a trouble ticket?

          You guys have my phone number, why don't you call me?

          You know, I've been thinking about this whole thing, and the last contact I had with you Gonzalo, you were supposed to talk to Jimmy, and get back with me about the discount, and you never did.

          The last conversation with anyone from 3D was an email with the person who make my product page, and asked me to look at it and sign and fax back the ok with them.

          I looked at the page, and the variances in my options were just cut right off, (and these weren't long ones).

          I wrote back and said I liked it, but asked if it was supposed to just cut off the options, and have not heard a word since.

          If you are going to terminate my account for asking questions, and talking about things that have happened to me, then you need to change the name of this forum to Chat about Good Things Only with 3D Cart.

          Thank you,


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            For the record, Allen has still not posted a support request.


            You can keep posting lies on the forum if you like. I asked you to do a simple thing, to send a support request asking for whatever it is that you think its not going right. I checked with one of the designers working on your project and the last change done to your site was on 8/29 only 2-3 days after you approved the design. The last change made was to the listing page.

            If you did not get the email that was sent to you on the 8/29, I can understand you being upset, but, ether way, the proper thing to do, is to contact us, not to post on the forum. Best i can do is to have the designer contact you on Monday. However, i would still appreciate it if you would follow simple instructions and submit a support request requesting an update on whatever you think is not completed.

            The forum is not a "Good things about 3dcart", its a place to talk about the software and help eacht other out. Should we fail to provide you good service, you can come and trash us, but, in this particular case, you have not follow the simple instructions we ask in order to report a problem. You have spent much longer to reply to these posts than it would have taken to report a problem, this shows that your focusing your energy in trying to create a problem, more than get your problem solved.

            Again, I ask you to follow simple instructions and submit a support request.

            Thanks Allen!
            Gonzalo Gil
            3dCart Support
            800-828-6650 x111


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              Allen -

              I've now seen your similar post in a couple of different threads on this public forum. Reminds me a little of frustrated eBay sellers on the community boards! ;)

              Although I can appreciate your frustration, I think that in MOST cases, this type of public complaint (even if disguised as "chit chat') can only lead to further resentment and frustration.

              Although I think the guys at 3dcart are a bit classier than I am, I don't think that public trashing of me or my service would in any way convince me to expedite the resolution of your issues. The good news is that I don't make customer service decisions for 3dcart. They will, more than likely, bend over backwards in an attempt to make sure that you are 100% satisfied. It's just the kind of folks they are!

              I do think that ALL of us 3dcart users need to be a bit sensitive to the realities of what the guys go through on a day to day basis these days.

              Many of us have been with 3dcart for some time now. Some of us are on first name basis with ALL the 3dcart staff! Many times we don't even have to say our names when we call in, they just automatically recognize the voice!

              I can assure you that I have experienced some frustration where I have detailed an issue in a phone conversation. A request is made at the end of that phone conversation to submit a support ticket. Naturally, I don't. The issue goes unresolved for several days. I get frustrated.

              My mistake is not only in my thinking but also in my actions. I keep thinking that these guys have the magic ability to keep in mind ALL of the issues that their ever expanding customer base throws at them. And when my PayPal logo doesn't get moved by .03 inches to the left, I get feeling like they just don't love me anymore!

              IN EVERY CASE that I have submitted a support ticket, the issue has been resolved to my satisfaction. I'll repeat... IN EVERY CASE that I have submitted a support ticket, the issue has been resolved to my satisfaction. It's what they've asked me to do all along, I just keep thinking that somehow I'm some sort of VIP and am exempt from having to do the simple things that are necessary for me to receive the positive results that I expect.

              OK, I'm done now. I just felt the need to reply to this post.

              Allen, I sincerely hope that the frustrations you are experiencing are resolved. Based on my experience, you will find that all of the staff at 3dcart are willing to go the extra mile to insure that your site operates efficiently and that you are a satisfied customer.

              Good luck to you, Allen!



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                Slowly Catching On

                Hello, I appreciate your comments and, even though I must be somewhat mentally challanged, I think I'm slowly beginning to catch on to something.

                Every time I ever talked to anyone at 3D about problems or issues that I had, I had notes of all the issues in front of me. I assumed that they were taking notes about my issues as we discussed them.

                My Mistake!

                I was never told during or after these conversations that I needed to Email a Support Ticket for each item that we had talked about.

                Otherwise, I would have never talked to anyone about anything.

                Now I understand that the conversations aren't really the way to go so don't worry about calling me tomorrow Gonzalo, I'll just start sending Support Tickets.

                For future knowlege, should I go over 1 issue per ticket, or can I report several things, or ask several questions on one ticket?

                I've been in business for almost 25 years, and I've had a Web Site for longer than 3D has been in business.

                Back in the old days you used to be able to talk to someone on the telephone, and they would write things down and take care of them. Then they'd call you back or write you an email to tell you it was done, or ask about it.

                One time, on an early web site, with Microsoft, they arranged a conference call with me and one of my people, and 4 of their software engineers, and we discussed the problems that needed to be fixed.

                They actually paid me for my time and input, and they made me feel important and not like I was stupid, or a bother.

                Well I have to go put my teeth in the cleaning jar now so talk to you later.

                Also, can you guys write bigger next time.



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                  Rob, You are right on! Gonzalo, Jimmy, Michelle and Carlin have all been most helpful. Almost all of our support requests were taken care of at once or very quickly. After using MIVA Merchant for 5 years and paying extra for the software, hosting and phone or e-mail support, I find 3DCart to be a refreshing change. It is very easy to make changes and updates. Much more control and features with 3DCart! Keep them coming. I looked at most of the other cart players and from our 6 months + with 3DCart, I am more than happy with our 3 site. As Gonzalo said, simply filling out a Support Ticket will do wonders.

                  Bill Fox


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                    Many Thanks to All the Staff at 3D!

                    Well, after almost 6 months of preparation, I finally went live on Friday. I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to all of the staff at 3D, and especially to Jimmy. I am extremely pleased with the software and with the level of support provided. This is my first website, so it was/is a pretty steep learning curve for me, and I still have a lot to learn!


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                      Lea -


                      Now... are you gonna share the URL so we can take a look at your new site? Huh? Huh? Huh? C'mon! We ALL wanna see! :D



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                        Design by Michelle

                        Sure! It's I think Michelle did a super job with the design. And while you're there, if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears! :)