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Has everyone left????

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  • Has everyone left????


    Is anyone still here?


    [crickets chirping.......] :cool:

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    Mark...I think everyone is still around, we're just busy. Hopefully everyone is busy with sales, but in my case, it's been sick family members, Brick & Mortar store stuff, friends visiting, side jobs, dating, and much, much more. I just don't have the time to be on this message board regularly...and I'm sure others feel the same.

    This place seems to be like a roller coaster in terms of activity. I wouldn't stress too much about it.



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      Ditto. I try to read all posts each day, but simply don't have anything to contribute all the time.


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        I am not really sure why it is necessary to contribute all of the time anyway.

        I basically come to the forums when I haves issues, or am looking for information from 3dcart - feedback.


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          Sharing ideas I feel is important. I like to share tips, tricks, ideas, issues, problems, faults, conversion goals and etc. I was trying to institute a community. I hope everyones sales are booming. I wont post on the topic again.
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            I quit posting/replying because support doesn't seem to want us to discuss problems here. I only come here if I have a problem or can't figure out how to do something.

            This is a great place for the quick - "How do I change this setting in my store" - type of question. People are VERY helpful.

            But real problem issues are discouraged. I got tired of it and didn't appreciate it. But I still read the posts.

            I would think there would be more activity here with the number of people using the 3Dcart. But people don't have time to spend here unless they're having issues or can't figure something out.

            I'm trying to market my business because my sales have dropped WELL over 50%. This is taking a LOT of my time. If my husband wasn't supporting me I'd have to close up shop.

            Stupid stock market! :mad:

            Luckily I have some big jewelry shows coming up - hoping that helps!

            I do enjoy reading the posts and have learned a lot from them.

            Wishing MEGA sales to everyone! :D
            C Ekman
            Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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              I check what other people write several times a day, and if I have anything worthwhile to say, I'll put up a post.

              I find it is worthwhile to have as many posts as possible on boards such as this since I know google trolls through it and it increases my link count and hopefully increases my search rankings.


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                ****zip***** :o
                No talky :cool:


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                  does listing your signature help in back links?
                  Last edited by Mark; 10-26-2008, 10:43 AM.


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                    When I had Prostores and posted on their discussion board I found out that google trolled through them and counted them as links. When I look at the links google has found on my webmaster tools account, they have a whole bunch of links that were from the posts I made on the discussion board at Prostores. So, I think it does help.


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                      Originally posted by Mark View Post
                      does listing your signature help in back links?
                      IMHO, it will only work if the forums are related to your store. If you sell golf equipment and post on a golf forum, thats good. If you're posting on a vegetarian forum, then you will get no bonus for it.

                      Google is semantic. It wants links to be relevant and not reciprocal.


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                        i think the forum would have more contributors if the 3dcart admin page had a link to the forum


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                          I gave up on any proactive exchange. I only submit issues or problems as I come upon them.