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Release Notes March 2012

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  • Release Notes March 2012

    At 3dcart we're continuously working in updating our ecommerce solution to bring to our merchants new features, improve the existing functionality, plugins and add-ons.

    As part of this effort, we'll be publishing via our forums on a monthly basis any changes applied to 3dcart.

    Release Notes - March 2012

    312-a001 Third Party - Taxcloud
    New Taxcloud Add-on

    312-a002 Third Party - Freighquote
    New FreightQuote Add-on

    312-a003 Social Commerce - FB Connect
    New Facebook Connect Add-on

    312-a004 Social Commerce - Pinterest
    New Pinterest Add-on

    Bug Fixes
    312-b001 Frontend - Category Page
    The variable for [savings_percentage] was displaying savings amount.

    312-b002 Third Party - Bongo Checkout
    Postback Call to create an unpaid order in the Admin Panel once Bongo Checkout confirmed the order.

    312-b003 Admin - Marketing
    Automatic Delivery System for Adcenter Marketing Certificates added.

    312-b004 Admin - Label Printing
    Notifying Google Checkout of Shipped Order automatically after printing a label.

    312-b005 Frontend - Reviews
    Review Average on Product Page not rounding properly, i.e. 3.7 =3 stars

    312-b006 Frontend - Product Page
    The [manufacturer_name] tag wasn't removed from the page when no manufacturer was assigned.

    312-b007 Admin - Label Manager
    Fedex Update to Label Manager.

    312-b008 Admin - Orders
    Order Search not including Not Complete orders older than 30 days.

    312-b009 Admin - Orders
    Order Search not including Not Complete orders with free items (total amount = 0) .

    312-b010 Frontend - Product Page
    For products set up as a Bundle that also had related items that could be added with checkboxes the Bundled items were carried over to each related item.

    312-b011 LiveChat
    Typo on form showing "currenly" instead of "currently"

    312-b012 Autoship
    Shipping calculation for autoship orders failing when hyphens were used in the shipping method name.

    312-b013 Third Party - Avalara
    Require Account and License before enabling Avalara

    312-b014 Reports
    Conversion Report was considering not complete orders with no items in cart.

    312-b015 Shipping
    "Exclude free shipping items" settings was not applying to "Shipping by amount" method.

    312-i001 Frontend
    New variable added for [price_level] to reflect the price structure for logged in customers.

    312-i002 Admin - Marketing
    New streamlined Google Adwords certificate request page

    312-i003 Payment Gateways
    GoEmerchant XML - New optional fields (MID, TID and Processor) for merchants with multiple accounts on goemerchant.

    312-i004 Admin
    Order Count on Admin menu refresh rate updated from 4 to 10 to inprove performance.

    312-i005 Admin Panel - Customers
    Checkbox to overrride "Billing Same As Shipping" on a per customer level.

    312-i006 Social Commerce - Wordpress Plugin
    New Wordpress Plugin for 3dcart Stores to display products on Wordpress blogs.

    312-i007 SEO
    Categories with pagination now include the page number on the TITLE tag,

    312-i008 Payment Gateways
    Token support for Autoship and "Credit Card on File" added for Usaepay, Paymentech and Securenet.

    312-i009 Payment Gateways
    Authorize Online added for MONERIS

    312-i010 API
    XML Order Notification Webhook

    312-m001 Admin - Store Settings
    Message for stores using Shared SSL to recommend upgrading to Dedicated SSL to increase conversions.

    312-m002 Admin Panel
    3dcart's Refer-A-Friend program to offer free month of services to merchants

    For questions, contact our Support or Sales Teams at 1-800-828-6650

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    Please keep this ongoing, and preferably as a dialogue. No matter how challenging that becomes.



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      Originally posted by Brtp4 View Post
      Please keep this ongoing, and preferably as a dialogue. No matter how challenging that becomes.

      +1 on this request.


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        Thanks for the post!


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          Thanks for the update Jim, this great! As paying customers we love to be informed!