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Release Notes April 2012

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  • Release Notes April 2012

    Release Notes - April 2012

    We’re continuously improving 3dcart and this month we bring you over half a dozen of new Apps available in our App Store, integration with Aviary to allow image editing from your admin panel; and are also happy to announce that we’re one of the first ecommerce providers to integrate the new Paypal Payments Advanced solution.

    We have also been actively working in the Fedex Certification and will be deploying Fedex Web Services during the month of May.


    412-a001 Marketing App – Brafton News
    Dynamically generated SEO-friendly content for your 3dcart website and blog.

    412-a002 Marketing App – AddShoppers
    Smarter Social Sharing Buttons & Track ROI

    412-a003 New App – SmartFeed
    SmartFeed Product Feed Manager is a marketing solution specializing in transmitting product feeds to various marketplaces and CSE’s automatically.

    412-a004 New App – LexityLive
    Lexity Live is free real-time analytics showing you who is in your store NOW and what products they are looking at and putting in the shopping cart.

    412-a005 Marketing App – ReferralCandy
    Grow your business with a customer referral program!

    412-a006 Accounting App – B2BGateway
    B2BGateway.Net’s cloud-based EDI and eCommerce solutions automate the flow of orders directly from your 3dcart eCommerce site to your Accounting/ERP software package.

    412-a007 Accounting App – Infusionsoft 3dcart Connector
    Fusetastic allows you to synchronize 3dcart Orders With Infusionsoft.

    412-a008 Accounting App – NolaPro Cloud Accounting
    Import your orders from 3dcart into NolaPro Cloud Accounting and say goodbye to double-entry of your online sales information.

    Bug Fixes

    412-b001 Addon - FB Connect
    Allow existing customers to login with the FB Accounts.

    412-b002 Admin - Autoresponders
    Limit of Autoresponders adjusted to unlimited for Professional Plus and higher plans.

    412-b003 Third Party - Shipworks
    Fixed time zone issue due to daylight time savings change.

    412-b004 Frontend – Affiliate Login
    Automatically redirect HTTP page to the HTTPS version of it when a dedicated SSL is installed.

    412-b005 Admin – 3dFeedback
    Features hidden due to plan upgrade needed fixed for Professional Plus and higher plans.

    412-b006 Frontend - Checkout
    Checkout step 3 was removing promotions for Free Products before completing the order.

    412-b007 Frontend – Admin Bar
    The Admin Bar wasn’t displaying on the product page when AddThis script was enabled.

    412-b008 Third Party – Fulfillment By Amazon
    The 2-way inventory synchronization was limited to 1,000 items. Increased limit to 10,000.

    412-b009 Admin – Make-an-Offer
    Removed IP Verification since it would generate issues for website’s behind proxy servers.

    412-b010 Third Party – Checkout By Amazon
    Tax rate was being rounded causing issues for states with rates with 2 decimals.

    412-b011 Frontend - Mobile
    Checkout selection for Country/State was not available when a customer logged in to their account.


    412-i001 Admin – Payments
    New Paypal Payments Advanced and updated Paypal Payflow Link Integration.

    412-i002 Admin – Template Editor
    Automatically clear the Store’s Cache when a change is applied to a template via the template editor.

    412-i003 Frontend – Shop By Manufacturer
    New HTML Block MANUFACTURER_HEADER1 that repeats on pages 2, 3, 4, etc. In addition to existing MANUFACTURER_HEADER that only displays on Page 1.

    412-i004 Admin – Payments
    CCBill payment gateway has been integrated.

    412-i005 Frontend - Mobile
    Automatically redirect “/mobile” to full website when Mobile site is disabled.

    412-i006 Frontend – View Cart
    New HTML variable [itemdescription] to display item availability.

    412-i007 Admin - General
    Direct links from products and content pages to the frontend changed to is the Store URL in HTTP mode instead of the Admin URL.

    412-i008 Admin - Aviary
    New Feature to allow product images to be edited via the admin panel directly with Aviary Image Editor.

    412-i009 Third Party – Avalara
    Multiple changes implemented to make 3dcart’s integration compliant with Avalara’s certification requirements.

    412-i009 Admin - Payments
    Verified By Visa now available for Paymentech Orbital.

    412-i010 Admin - Payments
    Paymentech Canada has been upgraded to latest version of the Orbital gateway.

    For questions, contact our Support or Sales Teams at 1-800-828-6650
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