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Release Notes - 4.7 (June/July 2012)

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  • Release Notes - 4.7 (June/July 2012)

    Release Notes - 4.7 (June/July 2012)

    It’s already Q3 of 2012. Where has the time gone? Here at 3dcart, it’s gone into constant product development. We’ve spent time forming new relationships, honing old ones and developing new built-in features to help you run a more efficient store.

    To highlight recent feature launches, we’re celebrating the release of 3dcart version 4.7. In the new version, we’ve included features that help merchants build brand trust, diversify payment options, save time and money, increase business efficiency and enhance marketing.

    The highlights on 4.7 are Google Trusted Stores integration, MailChimp and Mandrill Integration, and also updated our Google Analytics implementation to dynamically work on 3dcart stores. And even when included in last month's release notes, 4.7 covers the addition of Fedex's SmartPost, Aviary Image Editor and Paypal Payments Advanced.


    612-a001 Worldwide Express Freight Carrier
    New Freight Carrier us customs broker, customs brokerage, customs broker, international forwarding, logistics, trucking

    612-a002 Fulfillment - FulfillRite
    Seamless & Hassle Free 3dCart Order Fulfillment. 3dcart Order Fulfillment & Shipping Services |

    3dupsell - 3DCart Shopping Cart 3dupsell
    FB Connect - Facebook Connect Service for Shopping Cart Software | 3dcart App Store

    Bug Fixes

    612-b001 Admin - Links to KB Articles
    Multiple links to KB articles from the admin interface were broken since the last support portal update. These were corrected.

    612-b002 Frontend - View Cart
    If the number of related products to display on the view cart is less than the number of columns to be used, then automatically adjust the number of columns to match that value.

    612-b003 Third Party - Shipworks
    The Shipping Date field was being updated in 3dcart for order status changes submitted from Shipworks that were different than the Shipped Status.

    612-b004 Payment - Checkout By Amazon
    International customers were experiencing intermittent issues when trying to pay via Checkout By Amazon.

    612-b005 Payment - Checkout By Amazon
    The order date field was not being updated when an order paid via Checkout By Amazon was placed, causing new orders to reflect an older date from when the item was added to the cart.

    612-b006 Frontend - Category Index
    Page updated to use settings from SETTINGS > DESIGN > TITLES AND META TAGS > CATEGORY PAGE (instead of Home Page).

    612-b007 Addon - FB Connect
    The FB Connect button was displaying on Wishlist login even when FB Connect was not enabled.

    612-b008 Payment - Checkout By Amazon
    Shipped Orders were not being submitted to Amazon if the Shipping Date included the time in addition to the date.

    612-b009 Orders - Timestamp
    The timestamp on payment transactions and internal comments was not consistent with the store's timezone.

    612-b010 Product Options - Length Limit
    Product Options with text over 200 characters were causing intermitent issues, the system now enforces the character limit.

    612-b011 Shipping - Tracking
    The "track" link on the shipping tracking page that links directly to the shipping carrier website was not working for UPS and FEDEX.


    612-i001 Admin – Top Search
    The performance of the quick search (top/right) in the admin panel was improved. This included merging customers search into the order search results.

    612-i002 API – Batch Size
    The limit on the API batch sizes was increased from 100 to 500 records.

    612-i003 Templates - Product Page Style 2
    The default Style 2 (listing_3.html) file was updated to implement JQuery based Tabs for content.

    612-i004 Frontend - QuickSearch
    The SALE price of the products is now considered and displayed instead of the regular price when an item is ON SALE.

    612-i005 Shipping - UPS Negotiated Rates
    UPS Negotiated Rates for international shipping are now supported.

    612-i006 Extra Pages - Links
    The URL redirects used for the "link" field of the extra pages was changed from a 302 redirect to a 301 redirect.

    612-i007 Customers - Approve New Registrations
    New Store Setting added to auto-approve or request approval of customers registering with no customer groups.

    612-i008 Email Marketing - MailChimp Integration
    New integration with MailChimp for synchronization of customers and newsletter subscribers. Including Order integration for ecommerce segmentation and ecommerce360 tracking.

    612-i009 Email Marketing - Madrill Integration
    New integration with Mandrill for transactional email, where every email notification generated from the 3dcart store would be sent from Mandrill's SMPT server.

    612-i010 Statistics - Google Analytics
    Updated integration with Google Analytics, by entering the account ID, 3dcart automatically generates the tracking and ecommerce scripts.

    612-i011 Google Trusted Stores Integration
    New integration with Google Trusted Stores. The system automatically generates the Shipment and Cancellation feeds needed and generates the badge and conversion tracking scripts.

    For questions, contact our Support or Sales Teams at 1-800-828-6650

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