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Release Notes - 4.8.1

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  • Release Notes - 4.8.1

    Release Notes - 4.8.1

    Last month's release of 4.7 brought great new additions like Google Trusted Stores and Mailchimp integrations.

    This month release might not seem as impressive but it includes some important updates to the existing functions of the 3dcart system. This is the case for the customer's passwords encryption, and the Guest Checkout for customers with existing accounts.

    But the 4.8 release definitely brings some great features that I'm sure will be appreciated by 3dcart merchants; the most important being the implementation of Google's Rich Snippets, the "View All" option for category pages, and the ability to run multiple Groups of Daily Deals.

    We're also proud to be the first ecommerce provider to integrate the newly launched American Express Payment Gateway, which is now available to all 3dcart Merchants.

    Third Party

    712-a001 Payment- American Express PSP
    The new American Express PSP payment gateway is now supported by 3dcart. More details at,

    712-a002 Payment - NetShop
    New payment gateway added for Mozambique - Millenium Bim Netshop.

    Bug Fixes

    712-b001 Google Trusted Stores - Shipping Date
    Shipped orders that never got a shipping date assigned are now ignored in the feeds for Google Trusted Stores

    712-b002 Admin - Customers Import
    The import of customers was setting the ENABLED field to false when the field was blank. Now the value defaults to TRUE when the field imported is blank.

    712-b003 FEDEX - 2nd Day AM
    The Shipping method Fedex 2nd Day AM was added to the list of shipping methods supported from Fedex.

    712-b004 Payment- Checkout By Amazon
    An error was being returned when the product price included over 3 decimals.

    712-b005 Daily Deals - No Deal Error Message
    When linking directly to the product.asp?dailydeal=1 page and no deal was available the site was redirecting to the home page, a new error message has been implemented to notify that no deal is currently available.

    712-b006 Third Party - M.O.M. CSV Export
    The CSV export for MOM users has been updated to use difference credit card codes and date formats.

    712-b007 Promotions - Expiration Date
    The expiration date on promotions was not allowing a promotion to be applied if expiration date was the same as the start date. Promotions now expire at 11:59PM of the end date.

    712-b008 Reports - Date Presets
    The date preset for "yesterday" on the reports was including the data for the current day in addition to the previous one.

    712-b009 Payments - Paypal Advanced
    PayPal Advanced label was hard-coded to say Pay with PayPal. It will now reflect whatever is in the caption of the payment method.


    712-i001 Payment – 2Checkout Single Page Checkout
    The update to implement the 2Checkout new checkout flow has been deployed to all merchants using 2checkout as their payment processor.

    712-i002 Product Page – outofstock_block
    New START/END block to allow users to display custom messaging when an item is Out of Stock, the block is automatically removed if the item is In Stock. The block works with the total STOCK value of the product. This field is not standard and only present when added by the merchant to the template.

    712-i003 Daily Deals - Groups
    The Daily Deals now offer the ability to set up Groups. So multiple deals can be run simultaneously.
    KB Article:

    712-i004 SEO - H1 Tags on Category pages
    The category pages are now using the <h1> tags in the category names for SEO purposes.

    712-i005 Category Pages - View All
    The default category pages now include the "View All" option next to the pagination to display all products in one page.

    712-i006 SEO - H1 Tags on Product pages
    The product pages are now using the <h1> tags in the product names for SEO purposes.

    712-i007 SEO - Rich Snippets
    New support for RICH SNIPPETS all the required variables needed are now part of the default product page template.
    KB Article:

    712-i008 Account - Update Customer
    The update account page now supports updating the additional information fields 1 to 3 of the customer record. These fields are not standard and only present when added by the merchant to the template.

    712-i009 Security - Customers Password Encryption
    New strong encryption on customer's passwords has been implemented. The customers passwords are no longer accessible via export or API. Updating the customer's passwords via import is still suported.

    712-i010 My Account - Reset Password
    The forgot password email is now obsolete, a new reset password email instead, which sends a link to the customer with a 10 minute expiration. There is no longer a “Send Password in Email” setting in store settings. There is no longer a “Forgot password” email, this has been replaced by a “reset password” email. A new template has been added, resetpass.html.

    712-i011 Checkout - Guest Checkout for existing customers
    The Single Page Checkout now allows existing customers that already had an account and password in the system, to checkout as Guests when no password is entered at the time of checkout.

    For questions, contact our Support or Sales Teams at 1-800-828-6650
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