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Release Notes - 4.8.2

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  • Release Notes - 4.8.2

    Release Notes - 4.8.2

    This is the 2nd update released during the month of August. It addresses some small fixes to the recent update on the way customer's passwords are handled.

    It also includes a new payment solution, Klarna, which allows US merchants to reach more European shoppers by offering payments via invoice to customers.

    Third Party

    812-a001 Alternative Payment - Klarna
    New payment method available, sell to more countries with Klarna, allow consumers from European countries to purchase from your store via Invoice or Installments.

    812-a002 Inventory Source
    Inventory Source is a dropship data solution provider that synchronizes the data from over 80 distributors via the 3dcart API.

    Bug Fixes

    812-b001 False Positive for Security Scans
    Security scans looking for fake PHP pages were receiving a 200 header and returning a False Positive for PCI scanning. This has been changed to return a 404 error instead.

    812-b002 Admin - Administrator Passwords
    The "Update Password" admin page and error message have been updated to reflect the correct requirements. Previously it would display a "At least 7 digits long" when non-alphanumeric characters were used.

    812-b003 Account - Reset Password
    The procedure to change passwords was returning an error "Please check the old password and try again" for specific customers.

    812-b004 Promotions - Customer Groups
    Coupon promotions set for a specific customer group were failing when the customer group was using a different price level that was lower than the regular price of the items.

    812-b005 Admin - Batch Printing of Invoices
    The batch printing of invoices was generating a timeout error for batches over 50 orders.

    812-b006 Mobile Store - Login to Account
    Customers were receiving an error when logging to their accounts via the Mobile Store.


    812-i001 Third Party - Fusionbot Advanced Search
    New parameters for Review Average and Review Count are now supported.

    For questions, contact our Support or Sales Teams at 1-800-828-6650
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