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  • Release Notes January 2014

    Release Notes - January 2014 (6.1)

    Following a really business holiday season, Our first product launch of the year comes packed with great features to help 3dcart merchants get ready for a successful 2014.

    3dcart's continuous focus on payments brings 3 new integrations to our list of over 200 supported payment providers; these include Transaction Services, GoVolution and for UK based merchants, Checkout By Amazon.

    The highlights of this release include the Amazon Product Ads feed that allows 3dcart merchants to offer their products directly on Amazon. The HTML5 Template Engine with 20 Responsive Themes already available for Beta Test. And the upcoming eBay and Quickbooks Web Connectors module that are currently being tested by a group of 3dcart merchants.

    Beta Features

    0114-f001 Ebay Module
    This new module will allow you to integrate your 3dcart store directly with eBay. The module includes creating a template for listings, list products from the store to eBay, manage active listings created from the store, get orders from eBay
    into your 3dcart store, and Updating orders in eBay with the shipping information from the store.

    0114-f002 HTML5 Responsive Themes
    This new functionality allows you to use HTML5 based themes. This includes a complete new set of templates for all the internal pages (common-html5 folder), a total of 20 responsive themes available to all merchants, and the ability for designers to create their own responsive themes for 3dcart.

    0114-f003 QB Web Connector
    New Quickbooks Web Connector for automated synchronization between your 3dcart store and your Quickbooks software.


    0114-i001 Payments - Checkout By Amazon UK
    New integration for Checkout By Amazon for UK merchants.

    0114-p002 Payments - Transaction Services
    New integration with Transaction Services,
    Transaction Services (TrxServices) is a leading provider of payment processing services. TrxServices is an advanced provider of debit card and credit card acceptance in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to the small-to-medium merchant market.

    0114-p003 Payments - GoVolution
    New Govolution gateway to accept Credit Card payments/voids/credits as well as ACH payments/voids/credits.

    Bug Fixes

    0114-b001 Frontend - 404 Page
    There was a bug when using a custom 404 redirect and passing a blank page name on the URL. This caused random results being loaded from the database.

    0114-b002 3dupsell
    The 3dUpsell configuration screens were missing an "End-Date" calendar for the settings.

    0114-b003 Admin - WYSIWYG Editor
    When using the WYSIWYG in full screen, the admin menu was displaying on top of it.

    0114-b004 Admin - Quick Design Bar
    The Admin quick design bar was logging users out when trying to add categories or edit products.

    0114-b005 Frontend - Rewards Module
    Quantity discounts were applying to items being redeemed with reward points.

    0114-b006 Checkout - Multiple Ship-to
    If there was a shipping markup for a product, and it was being shipped to multiple addresses, it was adding the total markup by the number of items for each shipment address. This is fixed so that it limits the shipping markup per package.

    0114-b007 Payments - Virtual Merchant
    Capture and Void were not working for Virtual Merchant.

    0114-b008 Frontend - Gift Registry
    Facebook Connect was being shown on Gift Registry Page even if the module was not present on the account.

    0114-b009 Shipping - TNT Freight
    Fixed TNT integration to use 3 decimals on the weight.

    0114-b010 Admin - Customer Groups
    Number of Records per page was not working on the page.

    0114-b011 Third Party - Bongo International
    The Warehouse address for Bongo was changed from CT to FL.

    0114-b012 SEO - Sitemap
    Bug where the sitemap was being delivered with the header only as an empty sitemap.


    0114-i001 Marketing - Amazon Product Ads Feed
    New direct integration with Amazon Product Ads to easily generate the Amazon Feed and submit it via Amazon Web Services to offer your products directly in Amazon.

    0114-i002 Templates - My Account Variable
    New template variable for myaccount.html, [customer_group] to display the group the customer is assigned to.
    *note: this variable must be added to the template by merchants wishing to use the feature.

    0114-i013 Frontend - Add to Cart
    Added a new parameter "returnurl" that can be included in the add_cart form to redirect the shopper to a specific page after adding an item to the cart.

    0114-i004 Frontend - Multiple Ship-to Checkout
    The Checkout process for multiple shipping orders now displays the items that will be shipped to each address.

    0114-i005 Frontend - Waiting List
    The Waiting List window in the frontend now displays message to shopper and a close button after signing up for a Waiting List.

    0114-i006 Shipping Labels - Canada Post
    Added Small Packets International Air for CA Post shipping methods.

    0114-i007 Reports - Customer Groups
    New report added for Customer Groups found under the Reports > Customers menu in Admin,.

    0114-i008 PCI - Require Strong Password
    Implemented a new setting (Enforce strong password) which will force the user to create stronger passwords. Password must be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least one number [0-9], one uppercase letter [A-Z] and one lowercase letter [a-z].

    0114-i009 PCI - Newsletter
    The newsletter subscription form is now submitted under HTTPS secure connection.

    0114-i010 PCI - Session Timeout
    Session timeout has been implemented to automatically log out an user from the admin interface after the sessions has been idle the maximum logged in time.
    The number of minutes for a session to be logged out can be controlled under Store Settings.

    0114-i011 Admin - Save Changes Notification
    If unsaved changes exist on the first tab of the Product Information or Customer information, a message warning the user will be displayed with a prompt to confirm before leaving the page.

    0114-i012 Admin - User Permissions
    The "Change Password" sends out a message to the associated email on that account with instructions on how to reset the password/

    0114-i013 Admin - User Permissions
    This page now displays a confirmation warning when giving an user full admin rights.

    0114-i014 Admin - Scheduled Scripts
    This section now allows you to change the email address specified for scripts notifications and to enable/disable the script or the email notification.

    0114-i015 Settings - Currency
    The setting for the currency code is now a dropdown with only the allowed codes instead of a text field.

    0114-i016 Store Modules - Q & A Module
    New settings to enable/disable email notification to shoppers when a new question/answer is submitted. In addition, new email templates for New Answer - Notify and New Question - Notify have been created.

    0114-i017 SEO - Sitemap
    Encoding the content of the <loc> element.

    Amazon Product Ads Feed
    eBay Integration
    HTML5 Responsive Templates
    Quickbooks Web Connector
    Security Updates