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Release Notes February 2015 (6.5)

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  • Release Notes February 2015 (6.5)

    Release Notes -6.5

    Following another great holiday season, we're back to our regular version update schedule. With 6.5 being the first release of 2015 dedicated to the Beta version of our New Admin Interface, many previously found issues have been fixed while a few existing features have been updated for efficiency and performance. Also, starting with this release, we will be listing the changes with our internal issue tracking naming conventions for better reference.

    • UPDATE-1456, 3dupsell - changed from flash based page peel to jquery
    • UPDATE-1465, Added ability to adjust shipping manually on phone orders
    • UPDATE-1288, Added ability to Remove Customers from the Waiting List
    • UPDATE-1467, Added new Radio Image Option
    • UPDATE-1462, QuickView unable to turn off when FB Connect is ON
    • UPDATE-1329, Implemented throttling on the search page to prevent from DDOS attacks
    • UPDATE-1393, Improved performance of product import by removing additional database lookup

    • ISSUE-744, 3dROI defaults to incorrect year when checking "Activity by Campaign"
    • ISSUE-1085, 3dupsell order amount range not work properly
    • ISSUE-352, Advanced Options import allows invalid strings on the ao_code field
    • ISSUE-1165, BuySafe not working on HTML5 Templates
    • ISSUE-1349, Canada post error when order has only free shipping items and the setting 'exclude free shipping items from real time shipping' is enabled
    • ISSUE-958, Custom File Name for Browse by Mfg not matching canonical URL
    • ISSUE-1119, Customer batch actions menu does not have option to reset customer group to none
    • ISSUE-723, Deleting customer groups leaves customers assigned to group
    • ISSUE-1285, eBay - Default quantity not working when listing
    • ISSUE-1204, eBay - Template "Others" tab not validating return policy properly
    • ISSUE-633, Ebay orders showing incorrect amount paid when viewing order in store manager
    • ISSUE-23, Email required setting doesn't work on multiple page checkout
    • ISSUE-875, Euro symbol € does not display in Order Total area on checkout page
    • ISSUE-984, FedEx Tracking Error for specific tracking number format
    • ISSUE-983, Filtering products by category and distributor produces error
    • ISSUE-893, Fractional quantities and weight on the product doubles the weight in the cart
    • ISSUE-1102, Fractional quantities, adding quantity below minimum quantity causes cart to be inaccessible
    • ISSUE-979, From and To addresses for newsletter not allowing mail from subdomain
    • ISSUE-894, Google Adwords redirect manipulates the gclid autotagging parameter
    • ISSUE-994, Help icon modal resets the focus of the page to the top
    • ISSUE-1323, HTML5 - default listing template does not allow a customer to review an item if its not in stock
    • ISSUE-1332, HTML5 - Radio option selections are not maintained when option rules plugin is enabled
    • ISSUE-1207, Issues processing orders over 1k with FuturePay
    • ISSUE-1013, New and Unpaid statuses not showing in Amazon Order Import Settings
    • ISSUE-1353, Orders with item removed references a Doba variable
    • ISSUE-1017, Preview Theme feature not working in some sites
    • ISSUE-962, Product reminders (plugin): reset frequency button doesn't work - generates a token error
    • ISSUE-1209, Quantity Options Fields Displaying Incorrectly on Default Listing Page
    • ISSUE-914, Quickbooks 2.0 - Field for Assets Account is pulling only "Other Assets" versus "Other Current Assets" from QB
    • ISSUE-425, Recurring billing customers are not receiving email notifications when their recurring invoices fail to bill and go "Unpaid".
    • ISSUE-1092, Redirect loop on product page when manipulating the URL in certain ways
    • ISSUE-1016, REST API - adding an application in results in db error
    • ISSUE-1382, REST API - Category request for a non exist id is throwing a 500 instead of a 404
    • ISSUE-1076, REST API - devportal - reset password function is not working
    • ISSUE-1008, REST API - GET requests on /3dCartWebAPI/v1/Products/{catalogid} returns false for FreeShipping
    • ISSUE-1072, REST API - Orders - GET requests that include order ID 1 generate a 500 error
    • ISSUE-1011, REST API - Orders POST fails when customer email does not exist
    • ISSUE-1074, REST API - Products - SKUInfo collection is updating ALL fields, even if not included in the request
    • ISSUE-1073, REST API - Products - the DoNotUseCategoryOptions field cannot be set with a PUT request
    • ISSUE-1293, Smartlist does not accept products id that are just numbers
    • ISSUE-1101, Store manager password not allowing exclamation mark
    • ISSUE-1200, Store manager submenus stop working in latest version of Firefox
    • ISSUE-1151, Text option character limit counter not working in Quick View
    • ISSUE-1195, Virtual Terminal Blank When on Offline-Paid Orders
    • ISSUE-1196, Wrong currency in Ebay for Ireland
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