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Release Notes May 2015 (6.7.0)

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  • Release Notes May 2015 (6.7.0)

    As we continue to prepare services for the new Online Store Manager interface, this month's update brings us up to version 6.7.0 of the 3dcart software. Along with adding improvements to the new interface from beta user feedback, we've also improved how existing features work and perform. Here are details on what's new and improved.

    DCART-1612 - Product index. Changed to accommodate up to 1,000,000 Products, listing 1,000 records per page for up to 2,000 pages.
    DCART-1725 - CIM - Generate token before authorization. Allowiing Authorization transaction to be captured via CIM.
    DCART-1772 - Advanced Options now work with Quantity Options
    DCART-1791 - Shipping tracking improvement. Now credentials are required for tracking.

    ISSUE-1850 - Orders, Products, Customers Grid missing last record on page with specific filter and number of items per page specified.
    ISSUE-1411 - Category Header & Footer Fields delete content when adding a redirect link to the page.
    ISSUE-1672 - Trying to Save in 3dupsell popup yields 3dc3 error due to Min/Max order amount being a required field and missing left blank by the user.
    ISSUE-1108 - Worldwide Express shipping carrier not returning rates on the View Cart shipping previews
    ISSUE-1116 - Type mismatch: 'validateNumeric' on (caught on FatalErrors)
    ISSUE-1130 - Price Editor, error when running updates on specific category under a specific value.
    ISSUE-1852 - Stripe - Credit Card Error - Unknown Parameter when company name included "&" character.
    ISSUE-1685 - Statistics > Conversion Report gets data type mismatch error for specific date range.
    ISSUE-1733 - Kount displays error message in store manager
    ISSUE-1861 - When changing currency symbols to something different than $, not all amounts would reflect that under the Not complete orders.
    ISSUE-1813 - Version One Page Checkout - Implemented Phone Number Required Setting
    ISSUE-1540 - Option Rules are now supported with Quick View on HTML5 Themes
    ISSUE-772 - Product "duplicate" button now copies over option rules.
    ISSUE-606 - Customers export is not populating the group name on the discount field.
    ISSUE-1351 - Bundled item was available to be added to cart individually with quantity over stock.
    ISSUE-1695 - Affiliate Order Approved email notification to merchant was not being sent.
    ISSUE-1211 - Rich snippets for Item Availability update for InStock and OutofStock
    ISSUE-1537 - Order Time field showing had inconsistent format, some in 12hr format and 24hr format.
    ISSUE-1346 - Amazon Sync - Orders were being imported with times not reflecting time zone difference.
    ISSUE-369 - The ADD ITEM link on an order doesn't deduct inventory for Bundled Items.
    ISSUE-1549 - Checkout By Amazon shipping rate was not considering the handling fee from the products
    ISSUE-1718 - Previous and Next buttons have been implemented for Orders, Products and Customers for up to 3 pages up/down.
    ISSUE-1730 - Performance Improvements on Product Imports from CSV.
    ISSUE-940 - Checkout Login page was displaying Facebook Connect when not available
    ISSUE-1345 - Amazon Sync - Orders were missing the shipping values
    ISSUE-1914 - Product Exports showing date ranges from Orders Exports.
    ISSUE-1121 - Customers opting-in for the newsletter during checkout are now automatically added as mailing list subscribers.
    ISSUE-1482 - My Account - Reorder now works with product options of the type checkboxes.
    ISSUE-1790 - Timeout issue with Amazon order import have been corrected
    ISSUE-1814 - Amazon Order Sync - Creation of Duplicate orders on Amazon import
    ISSUE-1827 - Customers are able to change billing state after seeing restricted method
    ISSUE-1843 - Quickbooks 2.0 - Error with some orders not Importing has been corrected.
    ISSUE-1870 - Youtube Integration has been updated due to a change in YouTube's API. The browser from YouTube has been removed but still allows to enter video URLS to embed on the page.
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