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Release Notes November 2016 - 7.4

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  • Release Notes November 2016 - 7.4

    3dCart Release Notes
    Version: V7.4.0
    Date Release Begins: 11/02/2016

    Total Bugs Addressed: 92

    Below is a brief summary of some of the issues that are being corrected with this release.
    • Fedex Rates were being returned in the origin country currency rather than the destination/preferred currency.
    • Addressed some issues affecting to style previews in theme manager.
    • Processing orders with QBMS was causing errors for some users
    • Successful Paypal Standard Orders were throwing an error and being sent to UNPAID Status in some scenarios.
    • Corrected an issue that was resulting in auto responders not triggering correctly for some users.
    • Several updates have been made to store admin indexing to make it more consistent.
    • Some orders placed using PayU Money India were capturing funds but setting the order as a not completed order.
    • Addressed an issue with the CIM upsell module where items could be successfully added by the shopper; but would not be added to the order in the store manager in some cases.
    • Several improvements have been made to the 3dcart POS application to improve consistency and performance.
    • One of the FedEx SmartPost methods have been changed to more accurately reflect its corresponding method at FedEx- FedEx SmartPost Parcel Select Lightweight- which has a maximum weight of 1 lb.
    • Newsletter smart lists were not considering all order status; resulting in some orders/shoppers being omitted from some lists.
    • Corrected an issue with the RMA module that was causing the RMA history to appear blank when an item that was included in the RMA was deleted from the original order.
    • Addressed an issue that was causing merchants to be unable to use advance options when using an options template with a drop image.
    • Updated newsletter mailing wizard template 5 to reflect the correct styling and formatting as depicted in the template preview.
    • Corrected an issue where images added to products Would, in some cases, automatically be updated to show fileselect.gif as the image path- resulting in errors displaying the image in the store manager.
    • Improvements have been made to the Pay With Amazon module to make the checkout page responsive when in use.
    • eBay sync integration has been modified to provide more information to the merchant in the event orders being retrieved are no longer available on eBay; which will also include the addition of an internal comment on the affected order with the error that was returned from eBay when attempting to synch.
    • Corrected an issue affecting paypal/braintree users where saving a card token would not always save the token successfully; resulting in an error.
    • REST API - Product images and warehouse locations were not always available in orders placed using the REST API.
    • Some adjustments have been made to the styling applied to the store manager to make printed pages more consistent.
    • Corrected an issue where international orders were not requiring phone numbers despite the store being set to require this information.
    • Styling improvements have been made to the order details page to improve consistency and readability.
    • The default "Select a subcategory" could be chosen which was resulting in a 404 error using android.
    • Pay With Amazon orders were displaying N/A as the payment method on the Order details page.
    • Shipping address cookies were conflicting with form field and querystring parameters.
    • Corrected an issue when attempting to request a Bing ads certificate where a variable would appear after submission.
    • The request password functionality has been greatly improved to be more consistent; the email that should be sent when using the forgot password link has also been updated.
    • REST API - Order Date/Time field generated an error when the date was invalid.
    • Addressed some inconsistencies affecting 3dboost when switching from custom text to/from image embed content methods.
    • The Amazon payments process script has been improved to be more consistent on stores running SQL.
    • Addressed an error that was at times preventing some users from using the navigation on the PO reorder queue page.
    • Addressed an issue when listing an item to eBay that would result in an undefined error if users attempted to prematurely cancel a listing submission after confirming it.
    • Addressed an issue where some users could not use a new card token when in Virtual Terminal if a saved card is present.
    • REST API - Order status could not be updated if the status ID were over 12.
    • Addressed an issue with the unsubscribe function for mailing lists causing it to sometimes fail to remove a user from the mailing list
    • The Endicia shipping method to add funds to an account was missing from the store if the call to Endicia failed.
    • Store owners using Amazon order import can now map the new Amazon shipment service level category "FreeEconomy" in their Amazon settings page.
    • Several improvements have been made to the Pay With Amazon module to improve consistency in the 3dcart store.
    • Users were unable to set the allow access flag to registered users via csv file
    • The label manager was erroneously showing on demo stores; which was resulting in errors for demo users as the label manager is not included with this plan type.
    • REST API - jpeg extension was not being accepted for images
    • PNG images were not displaying on the live store after being assigned via an import.
    • Corrected an issue affecting users who had Pay With Amazon enabled on their store but did not have the configuration completed in the store manager- resulting in an error when the module was called on the store.
    • The POS app loading screen now shows the correct loading graphic.
    • Addressed an issue where some users were unable to remove a question from the question and answer module.
    • Addressed several issues that were causing product image paths to be read incorrectly; resulting in their failing to load in the store manager.
    • When managing RMAs- the select files feature was not uploading any files if more than the maximum 4 images were selected.
    • Addressed some styling issues in the abandoned cart saver module that was causing the number of abandoned carts to be difficult to read on some displays.
    • REST API - adv options stock was not properly reflected after being updated.
    • REST API - Queries using odata were returning 400 errors.
    • REST API - Using GET to fetch items with an "&" in the name was resulting in an error.
    • The Bing Ads training center hyperlink has been updated to the new URL.
    • sub-directories were being excluded from the image path when selecting an image for a product using the file managers search function.
    • Addressed some issues were external product images were not always displaying when used for products.
    • Addressed an issue where sales tax data was not automatically updating when an additional item was added to an order unless the user used the recalculate shipping tool.
    • Addressed an issue where some users were encountering crashes when attempting to add funds to Endicia from within the store manager.
    • Added some validation to the Security IP feature to prevent malformed IP addresses from being entered by users.
    • REST API - Addressed an issue that would result in a 404 error when updating a customer record using the PUT method.
    • Adjustments have been applied to the stores plan change process to improve stability and consistency when changing store plans as well as selecting/modifying the plan agreement.
    • Corrected an error in the POS application affecting users who opt to place new POS orders into the "POS" order status - the store would sometimes fail to deduct inventory from the store correctly and instead place the item stock on hold as though it were on backorder.
    • Addressed a styling issue on the sales tax configuration page that was distorting the page layout on some displays.
    • Addressed an issue that would sometimes prevent users from replacing the main image of a product record if attempting to do so by clicking the blank area near the image and selecting a new image from there.

    Thank you for your continued support and feedback in helping us make 3dCart the very best platform that it can be. If you have any questions regarding your store; you can reach our support team any time, day or night via the following:

    24/7/365 Phone support: 800.828.6650 x1
    Email Support and Knowledge Base: