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Release Notes March 2017 - 7.5.0

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  • Release Notes March 2017 - 7.5.0

    Here are the release notes for version 7.5.0 which is currently in deployment to all stores.

    ISSUE-5500 Fixed: "403 Forbidden" error when trying to add an image via WYSIWYG
    ISSUE-5496 Restrictive shipping module was not working if 2 or more of the same catalogid were in the cart
    ISSUE-5495 Exported orders were not adhering to selected statuses
    ISSUE-5473 Fixed Rest API - 404 error on product skuinfo get request
    ISSUE-5469 Store credits variable were displaying in the email invoice while in legacy OSM
    ISSUE-5467 Payment methods page was showing a broken variable on the offline payment section
    ISSUE-5451 FraudWatch scores were showing "IP not found"
    ISSUE-5432 When using Kount, orders were being submitted to the gateway with the incorrect amount
    ISSUE-5431 Text/textarea option character limits were not being copied when a product was duplicated
    ISSUE-5371 Fixed Typo on Shipping Settings Page ("Enable Multiple Disitributors Per Product")
    ISSUE-5349 First Atlantic Commerce gateway was receiving currency in USD regardless of store settings
    ISSUE-5332 Fixed error that happened when importing products from DOBA
    ISSUE-5316 Fixed POS App crash when synchronizing products
    ISSUE-5315 Fixed a rare issue when placing a phone order with an unusually large number of items
    ISSUE-5302 Page update: Removed comments box from CC Update page as it was not needed.
    ISSUE-5290 Imported Amazon orders werenot triggering webhooks
    ISSUE-5228 Make An Offer: Fixed error when clicking on the "More Details" link
    ISSUE-5220 Rare Issue: AutoShip - Recurring Order script was throwing an occasional error when running
    ISSUE-5211 Fixed issue where Gift Certificates could be created/saved with special characters but not used.
    ISSUE-5186 Fixed Iissue where some merchants were unable to print UPS labels after migrating from Access to SQL
    ISSUE-5182 Store Credit import was not working.
    ISSUE-5170 Fail Recurring Orders were not being marked with a timestamp
    ISSUE-5118 Rest API: Fixed issues where users were reporting server error when attempting PUT requests on Products
    ISSUE-5084 Fixed infrequent issue where customers were unable to log into account on checkout-singlepage-v2
    ISSUE-4882 Inventory was not updating when synchronizing orders via POS app
    ISSUE-4774 Store Credits - Adding an RMA is not prompting store credit entry correctly

    DF-72 POS App updated for iOS10
    DF-52 Updated Integration for Mailchimp
    DF-24 Newsletters - Scheduling and Background Processes
    DCART-3292 FreightQuote: added setting for Pallets
    DCART-3245 Advance Shipping Manager: Added Address and Coupon fields
    DCART-2504 Print separate Invoice and Packing Slips for Split Shipments
    DCART-3253 Advanced Options App: Price Configuration
    DCART-3154 Advanced Options App: Dimensions

    Admin Redesign
    DCART-3351 Admin Redesign: Payment Methods
    DCART-3350 Admin Redesign: Shipping Settings
    DCART-3287 Admin Redesign: Advanced Options
    DCART-2835 Admin Redesign: Blog Settings
    DCART-2834 Admin Redesign: Blog Posts & Categories
    DCART-2724 Admin Redesign: Product Categories

    New Features
    DF-51 New Payment Method: Square
    DF-40 Quick Add New Product
    DF-23 Newsletters: Double Opt-in for subscription
    DCART-3397 Store Settings - Minimum Qty to Checkout:
    DCART-3289 Custom Shipping - Custom by Zip Code Wildcard
    DCART-3181 Product Sample Module
    DCART-3163 Products: Add New Category from the Selection Pop up Modal
    DCART-3041 Product SEO tab: Product Canonical URL
    DCART-2661 Product Review Module: Review Sorting