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Version 8.0.5 Patch

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  • Version 8.0.5 Patch

    We will soon begin updating stores to version 8.0.5 which is our latest patch for bug fixes and corrections to various software issues. This will mark the last of the patch updates before the upcoming 8.1 version of the 3dcart software, which will include new functions and integrations. (Release date TBD)

    With the exception of the Aweber integration, which was released on version 8.0.1, all of the 8.0.x updates were merely patches to the existing software. Below is a reference list of the patch updates and when they were released after version 8.0 in August.
    • v8.0.1 - 10/04/2017: Various software fixes and Aweber Integration
    • v8.0.2 - 10/24/2017: Various software fixes
    • v8.0.3 - 11/15/2017: Various software fixes
    • v8.0.4 - 12/18/2017: Various software fixes
    As mentioned, version 8.1 will be our next release after this patch and will be the first version (since 8.0.0) to include new functions and features. Stay tuned.

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    Interesting that you have had all those patches, but yet my store is still at 8.0.0 ??? can you comment to that 3dcart-Henry
    Joe Arbogast


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      Hi Birdsafe,

      Great question. Typically this would only happen if you have some form of paid custom programming on your store from our development team. This is because updates can overwrite or otherwise interrupt whatever custom work is added to the store. Upgrading customized stores is usually done on a case by case basis, depending on the complexity of the customization. (Note that security patches and important updates do not adhere to this general rule. Important/security updates are usually done across the board).

      If you'd like to be updated to the latest versions, please reach out to our technical support team. They'll be able to leave a ticket on your behalf so that the development team can review your site and upgrade it (if possible) or otherwise consult on how upgrading may affect whatever customized settings you may have.