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Release Notes August 2018 - v8.2

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  • Release Notes August 2018 - v8.2

    3dcart's version 8.2 begins a limited rollout today and we expect it to be updated to all stores throughout the next few weeks. Along with a new responsive design for the admin, this release will also include the following fixes, updates, and features:

    -Australia Post integration now supports International Economy Air method.
    -New version of Smartermail now supports auto-login from the admin panel.
    -Cart methods in the REST API now support fractional quantities.
    -The buy button widget now displays the on sale price for product's on sale.
    -When using the new rewards points expiration setting the expired points are not visible as "expired" in the My Account page.
    -Improvement to eProducts module to handle orders with large number of downloadable items using serial numbers.
    -Chase Paymentech integration has been updated to not require server IP whitelisting and to support refunds.
    -New REST API method to add new option value to existing option set.
    -ParcelForce shipping carrier is now supported.
    -Stone Edge integration now supports Store Credits.
    -3dFeedback has been relaunched as a responsive module.

    New Payment Modules
    -Klarna Payments
    Online payment service which offers invoice and financing options to consumers while guaranteeing payments to the merchant.
    Click here for KB

    -Bread Checkout
    Offers flexible financing options to online shoppers while the online merchant is paid in full at the time of purchase.
    Click here for KB

    -PayFort payments
    International payment gateway which can process multiple currencies for international orders.
    Click here for KB

    Updated Payment Modules

    -PayPal Express Refunds
    Added the ability to process refunds directly from the 3dcart Online Store Manager
    Click here for KB

    -PayPal Express JS checkout
    Also added the new JS Checkout integration which adds SmartPayment capability to the shopper's checkout options, as well as a new modal window for logging into PayPal (thus preventing a full-page redirect to PayPal)

    -Braintree PayPal Credit
    Added the ability to offer PayPal Credit on the Braintree payment option.

    -Amazon Pay
    Updated to reflect their new onboarding process and logo branding.

    Now supports tokenization and the ability to accept eChecks.

    New Features
    -GDPR Toolkit
    A new function within the 3dcart store Online Store Manager that can help merchants make their stores GDPR compliant for their EU-based shoppers.
    Click here for KB

    New integration with TradeGecko's multi-channel inventory and order management service.
    Click here for KB

    -Custom Shipping API
    New ability for merchants to integrate their stores with independent shipping services to receive real-time shipping quotes for their orders.
    Click here for KB

    -Stock Buffer Add-On
    A new optional plugin that allows merchants to set a "buffer" on their inventory to prevent overselling (if they'd like to keep a reserve or "emergency stash" on hand for special circumstances)
    Click here for KB

    -CommerceConnector CSV Feed
    A new automated product feed formatted for use with Commerce-Connector.
    Click here for KB

    -Beamer Widget
    Implemented a new "What's New" widget (powered by Beamer) into the 3dcart Online Store manager to keep merchants informed of 3dcart news and offers.

    Updated Features

    -Online Store Manager Interface
    Overhaul and re-design of the 3dcart Admin to increase speed and usability and add responsive design to the pages.

    -Houzz Product Feed
    Updates to our initial Houzz integration now includes the ability to add products from the 3dcart store to the merchant's Houzz marketplace.

    -Product Extra Fields in Search Results
    We've added the ability to include data from the product extra fields (Fields 1 through 13) on the search results HTML template.
    Click here for KB

    -Product Option: File Upload
    Product options using the file upload option type will now treat uploaded files differently depending on the type of file that it is. If the uploaded file is an image file using common image file extensions (*.jpg, *png, *.bmp, etc), then the file will be provided on the order as a direct download link. If, however, the file is in a non-image format (*.exe, *.msi, *.obj, etc) then the file will be presented on the order as a link to a compressed/zipped file containing the upload.

    -Promotion Manager: Exclude Manufacturer, Add All/Remove All buttons
    New options were added to the promotion manager allowing merchants to either Add All or Remove All from their Manufacturer Exclude lists when creating the promotion.

    -REST API: Orders Log
    Orders created on the store via REST API (POST Orders) functions will be included in the order's Activity Log for reference and record keeping.

    -CSV Export: Background compiling
    All CSV exports will now process in the background to avoid affecting the store's functionality while the CSV is compiled for the admin user. Instead of having the file generated and provided to you at the time of export, the system will process the request in the background and email you with a download link once the process is finished.

    -Automation Rules: Customer Groups
    A new function has been added to Automation Rules and Tasks allowing you to tailor an automation based on the customer group the registrant signs up with. Once the rule is triggered, the task will be to add the registrant to an Autoresponder of your choosing. The overall purpose is to allow merchants to have different welcome emails and follow ups for registrants of specific customer groups.

    -Affiliate Program: Adjust tracking cookie length
    A new function has been added to the Affiliate Program allowing merchants to specify how long the tracking cookie for the affiliate will last. Options are from 30 to 360 days.

    -Order Statuses
    Enterprise level 3dcart Merchants can now add an unlimited number of order statuses to their online store as needed.
    Click here for KB

    -Google Analytics: Universal Analytics
    The Google Analytics Universal Analytics function now allows you to edit the default JS code to meet whatever needs you may have. A "restore" link is also provided to go back to the default if necessary.

    -Reward Points: Advanced Options
    Merchants now can add custom reward points to products based on their advanced options.

    Template Changes

    As with any version update/release there are some features which depend on HTML template changes.
    All the templates in your store's common folder have been updated with the necessary HTML coding, so you should be able to use these features outright; if you don't have any customized templates on your store. However, if you do have customized templates in your theme folder, you should update them to the latest version to see and use the new features.
    Please refer to our knowledgebase article on updating to the latest HTML from your common folder

    In 8.2 this need comes up mostly with the GDPR Toolkit and the newly added/updated Payment Methods. For your reference, these are the template files that will come into play for each:

    Due to the nature of GDPR, this feature has several pages that were updated to accommodate the Toolkit's use and functions:

    GDPR also adds these new HTML templates to the common folder: privacy_enforced_modal.html, gdpr_deleteme.html and gdpr_request.html

    Klarna Payments
    At present, Klarna is only available on single page checkout with HTML5 and CORE themes. Therefore, these are the templates that will be used with Klarna:
    -checkout-singlepage.html (both HTML5 and CORE)
    -checkout-singlepage-v2.html (available on HTML5 only)

    PayPal Express JS, Braintree PayPal Credit, & Payfort Payments
    Each of these Payment module updates will rely on updated coding to the following HTML templates:
    -checkout-singlepage-v2.html (HTML5 themes only)

    Bread Checkout
    This payment method also relies on the four templates listed above. In addition to these however, Bread Checkout also displays on your product listing pages as well. Therefore, you should also be using the latest common template for listing_0.html

    Again, this only applies if you have customizations to these templates in your store. If you do not have these templates customized in your theme folder, then they will be served automatically from the common folder, so there's no need to update them.

    Be on the lookout for 8.2 arriving to your store soon, and thank you all for choosing 3dcart!
    Last edited by 3dcart-Henry; 08-20-2018, 09:23 AM.