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Release Notes: v9.1.1 to v9.1.21

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  • Release Notes: v9.1.1 to v9.1.21

    After the release of version 9.1.0 in August, minor incremental updates were made to the 3dcart software. While the majority of updates were fixes and general updates to the software, some new features were also introduced in some increments.

    • CCAvenue India Gateway
      New Gateway added. (KB)
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Options template modification
      A change was made allowing products to be linked to multiple option templates at the same time. (KB)
    • Quotes - Allow Custom Price for Phone Orders
      Update to the Order Quotes Module allowing the store to use custom phone order prices with the quote system
    • Complete Button for Not Complete Orders
      A new function was added to Not Complete Orders allowing merchants to open the order as a phone order to complete it.(KB)
    • Qty. Discounts as Fractional Amounts
      Added the ability to create bulk discount ranges using fractional amounts. (KB)
    • Dropdown Menu Sorting for Reward Redeemable Products
      A change was made for stores using a CORE Theme which will let shoppers sort the redeemable items list by name, part number, and number of points required to redeem. (KB)
    • Use Shipping Markup for Handling Cost
      A new setting was introduced to the existing Handling cost function allowing merchants to use the product's individual shipping markup as handling charges. Previously, the only handling option was to have handling costs calculated on the whole order, while this new setting will allow the flexibility of applying handling on a per item basis. (KB)
    • Amazon Pay Checkout
      On version 9.1.6 we introduced the Amazon's latest (at the time) Amazon Pay Checkout (formerly known as Amazon Payments). This new method required an onboarding process from the 3dcart Online Store Manager as well as use of a Core theme. (KB)
      Note: This integration was further updated for version 9.1.19 to include a new onboarding process (for new users) and the newest wallet template which allows shoppers to select their payment method and shipping addresses from their Amazon profile.
    • CSV Export Improvements
      An improvement was made to the CSV export process in how the store handles the data being added to the resulting CSV. Instead of the data being queried on the database and returned all at once (which could cause issues with large exports), the data is queried first and then returned and converted into the CSV file in blocks. This reduces the amount of load on the database server and greatly reduces the chances of a large export to crash.
    • Phone Orders Customer Requirements
      Since it is used for the Quote Feature, phone orders no longer require full customer information. Instead you can start a phone order just by using the customer's email address and be able to proceed to the next steps. The store will not create a customer record (unless a password is entered), so if the order is used as a quote, the shopper will not have to log in to see the quote and checkout. (KB)
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Intuit Payments
      The previous payment method from Intuit (Quickbooks QBMS) was deprecated. Intuit Payments was introduced to replace it. (KB)
    • Images on Order History Download
      A new custom variable: [THUMBNAIL] is now available for use on the order-history-download.html template. By adding this variable to the template, the order history download will now include the Product Thumbnails associated with the products in the download file.
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Autoship - Converge Payment to allow credit card updates
      Merchants using Converge Payment Gateway with 3dcart's Autoship now have the ability for their customers to update credit card information.
    • AMP for Category, Home and Blog pages.
      We added AMP capabilities to the above pages. (KB)
      (Previously, AMP was only available on Product pages)
    • 3dcart Tools Widget
      Added a Tools Widget on Core to replace the previous "Admin Design Bar" found on HTML4 and HTML5 themes. (KB)
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Mailchimp Account Creation API
      We added the ability for users to also create a MailChimp account during the onboarding process.
    • Increase character length of Order Tag Details
      We increased the character limit on Order Tag from 20 characters to 50 characters.
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Minor fixes/updates
    • Flyout Cart
      A new flyout cart (available on CORE Themes only) that will appear as a small popup at the top right of the store to facilitate the shopper's transition to checkout. (KB)
    • Lazy Image loading
      New Setting available to enable Lazy Image Loading. With it turned on, the browser will wait until all other aspects of the page are loaded before displaying the images. Also, if the page contains images nearer to the bottom of the page, these won't actually be loaded unless the viewer actively scrolls down to the image and it appears in the browser's view frame. (KB)
    • Page Pre-loading
      New setting to enable Page Pre-loading which will help speed up page loading by allowing the store to begin loading the pages as the visitor begins to click on the link of the page they are about to visit. (KB)
    • Minor fixes/updates

    • Minor fixes/updates

    • Minor fixes/updates

    On behalf of the everyone here at 3dcart, we’d like to wish all of our merchants a very Happy 2020, and we look forward to serving you in the new year and beyond!
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    Thank you for posting the changes/updates/fixes for each incremental update. This is very helpful!


    • #3
      When does 3DCart estimate all clients will be updated to the v9.1.19 ?

      Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


      • #4
        Hi Pack Secure !

        To the best of my knowledge, everyone is on that version right now. However, please keep in mind that if a store has custom programming of some sort, those stores are usually skipped to prevent the updates from breaking any custom work that the site owner paid for. It's not just limited to paid for custom work, however. In some cases it might also be a custom hot fix applied to the store to correct a previous issue. The same basic rule applies. Those stores are usually skipped to prevent damage to whatever custom fix might have been done to it.

        Either way, we usually update stores in those situations on an "as requested" process. We consult with the developers to make sure the upgrade won't break something drastically and we go from there.

        If you have a TAM, reach out to them to get the process started.
        And if there's anyone reading this who doesn't have a TAM, regular support can help as well. They'll just create a ticket and start the process for you.

        Also remember you can always check which version you're on by clicking on your user name at the top right of the Online Store Manager, and your version will be listed at the bottom.

        Thanks for the post and I hope this helps!


        • #5
          I'm seeing some new code for the category filters, which appears to be new. Do you have more info about this enhanced filters? Not seeing anything on the KB...

          HTML Code:
          <!--START: catFilterMainBlock_enhanced-->
          <div id="filtersEnhancedBlock">
          <!--START: catFilter_enhanced-->
          <div class="selected-filters-enhanced">
          <div class="container">
          <!--START: catFilterCrumb_enhanced-->
          <!--START: catFilterCrumbItem_enhanced-->
          <input type="hidden" name="hdnFilterCrumb-[id]" id="hdnFilterCrumb-[id]" value="[strFilter]" />
          <li><a href="#" onclick="javascript: setCatFilterEnhanced([id]);">[strfiltername]</a> <a class="crumb-item-remove-enhanced" href="#" onclick="javascript:removeCatFilterEnhanced([id]);">x</a></li>
          <!--END: catFilterCrumbItem_enhanced-->
          <!--END: catFilterCrumb_enhanced-->
          <!--START: catFilterRemoveLink_enhanced-->
          <div class="remove-filter-enhanced"><a href="#" onclick="javascript:window.location.href = window.location.href.split('?')[0];">[category_Header-RemoveFilters]</a></div>
          <!--END: catFilterRemoveLink_enhanced-->
          <div class="clear"></div>
          <!--END: catFilter_enhanced-->
          <!--START: catFilter_Filter_enhanced-->
          <div class="cat-filters-enhanced">
          <!--START: catFilter_Filter_Item_enhanced-->
          <li><a href="[catFilterLink]" [catFilterLinkRel]>[catFilterChildName] ([numItems])</a></li>
          <!--END: catFilter_Filter_Item_enhanced-->
          <!--END: catFilter_Filter_enhanced-->
          <input type="hidden" name="hdnCatFilterEnhancedEnabled" id="hdnCatFilterEnhancedEnabled" value="[hdnCatFilterEnhancedEnabled]" />
          <input type="hidden" name="hdnCatId" id="hdnCatId" value="[hdnCatId]" />
          <input type="hidden" name="hdnPageNumber" id="hdnPageNumber" value="[hdnPageNumber]" />
          <input type="hidden" name="hdnQueryString" id="hdnQueryString" value="[hdnQueryString]" />
          <input type="hidden" name="hdnNumberOfPages" id="hdnNumberOfPages" value="[hdnNumberOfPages]" />
          <div class="clear"></div>
          <!--END: catFilterMainBlock_enhanced-->


          • #6
            Hi JoeBTI

            Good catch! Our developers are working on a new version of the category filters that should be released later this quarter. Thanks for the note!


            • #7
              FYI, I am on 10.0.1 - 3dcart-Henry are there more release notes please?


              • #8
                Hi massage-store

                I just posted the release notes on the announcements page.