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    When my costumer buy at my shop they usually buy only 1 of each product but sometime they do buy 2 of the same product and about 60% of the time its a mistake they only wanted too buy 1 of each product.

    does this happen to any of you and how you deal whit it?
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    No, I have never had this problem before. You have to physically put in a quantity of 2, unless you set it up otherwise, so I don't know how customers can continuely buy more of a quantity than they really want.


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      hmmm.. if they do that with the same product , maybe you can type '1' on Max. Qty.: in advance tab when you are in view product..

      But if you have lots products, you need to ask 3dcart i think :D


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        Do your products go right to the shopping cart without having them view the product detail first?

        If so this could be your problem. Usually customers want to read more about a product before buying it and don't know to click on the picture first.

        They may be clicking the add to cart button twice without realizing it actually updates the qty each time.

        My cart used to work to have a 'dummy' required option so every product went to the product details screen before they could add it to their cart. This fixed that problem for me. However since I got upgraded that feature doesn't work for me anymore - hopefully that will get fixed soon.

        I've seen another cart (not 3-Dcart) that told me if I added a product twice - and asked me if I was sure I wanted another. I like that feature a lot when I buy from that person because it's a place where I buy bead findings and am usually adding dozens of things to my cart and can't always remember if I added something or not.

        Not sure if this helps or not - Good luck!
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner