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Don't want add to cart button on category listings

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  • Don't want add to cart button on category listings

    No wonder I have a ton of new uncompleted orders! :(
    With the upgrade to 3 you loose the functionality workaround we impleneted with category wide options. We had changed our "BUY" button to "view Details" and then made a hidden required option requirement for all products in each category. This worked GREAT and instead of putting the item in cart, it went to the product page. Anyone know a way to get this working again????? :confused:

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    This is EXACTLY the same thing I have - I couldn't figure out why I was getting tons of abandoned carts. Took me 3 days to figure it out.

    I did test it and put a couple of REQUIRED options at the category level - I couldn't get any of them to work.

    For the hopefully very short term I changed my language on the 'button' to say

    "Click Pic to view details, click here to buy" That has helped a little.

    Hopefully the tickets will get this fixed.
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      yes. the workaround worked well for us for a year or more.
      And, you can't simply edit the code in the "category_0" template under "items template"
      Because, this add to cart code is not only on category items, but related items, featured items, sale items, etc etc.......

      used to be called "global product options".


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        Jimmy gave me a change to make to the html pages that should be used instead of the work-around we were using.

        Basically anywhere the add to cart button was being used you make some changes - but I'm not exactly sure where/how. Here is the exact quote I had from Jimmy:

        That workaround wasn't the best idea, since you were taking advantage of a glitch in the system. Basically you set up a Global Option with no actual option to be displayed to force the items to go to the Product page, and if a product has a required option then you really couldn't add the item to the cart without first selecting the option.

        The correct way to get the desire behavior is by editing the category_0.html page and change it to go "product.asp?itemid=[catalogid]", I just did this for the home.html and category_0.html, so you can actually copy from those templates to apply it to any other location.
        He made the changes to two my my html templates and I figured out how to make the change to my search.html

        I'm trying to figure out which html is used for the Manufacturer search - do you know?

        I suggest you submit a ticket and ask how to force the customer to always view the product detail before buying.

        Also - I have not chosen a version 3.0 template yet - and I don't know if these changes will be deleted once I do that - I have a question in to Jimmy on that.

        Hope this helps - I'm not really sure what I'm doing so I would go to support for exact help.
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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          yes, they made similar changes for us, but, not all the pages got fixed.
          This is not a global change. You have to edit every html template that lists your items. It's unfortunate that a global option workaround can't be replicated in the upgrade software.
          UPDATE: We're all updated and working fine now!
          But, they did fix most of the code for us.... :-)
          Last edited by Mark; 01-04-2009, 11:49 AM.


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            I have the same issue - I would think that more people than not would need or prefer this to say "View Item" and go to that item for more details and to choose options. :( I was hoping this would be corrected in this new version - now it looks like I'm going to have to talk to support about this issue.