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  • Bandwidth Question

    My bandwidth usage is really high. I'm trying to figure out what is causing it and had a couple of questions.

    First - my bandwidth SHOULD be lower than normal. I have turned of my Google PPC advertising - which used to bring me TONS of traffic.

    Also - my high bandwidth traffic is not supported by sales. I'm having days with no sales and days with only 3 or 4 abandoned carts so this is not 'usual'.

    Yes - I know it could be my product - but I've been selling online for over 6 years and the traffic to my sight just doesn't match up with sales totals.

    So.... Looking at the stats - the main culprit seems to be

    /thumbnail.asp (by far)

    Can anyone tell me what these do and do you have any idea what I can do to lower the bandwidth usage with these pages?

    The majority of my thumbnail images are around 6 - 7 KB - so they are not large.

    I'm wondering about the new NEXT/PREV buttons on the product listing - they show pictures of the next/prev product as well as the words. Do you think removing the pictures and only have the words would help much? I'm wondering if they are taking the main larger imaging and 'shrinking' it???


    I've also taken images that display on every page, and my logo and moved those to another server- I did that a few days ago and that should have helped quite a bit - but the bandwidth just climbs!

    I'm probably going to have to upgrade - but things just don't seem in line.

    Oh - I also checked IP addresses and found one in Amsterdam last week that was using a TON of bandwidth. I blocked that one. Thought that would help - but things haven't slowed down at all.

    Any suggestions are much appreciated.
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    I wish I could help, but I have very little knowledge in this area. But I can say, that I seem to be "chasing" someone in Amsterdam as well. I've blocked a few IP addresses and ranges after having several abandoned carts from them. But even after blocking those, I notice that I continue getting these abandoned carts from Amsterdam. Hence, the "chase" in trying to block IP addresses.

    Very annoying. :mad:


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      We also have someone from Amsterdam who goes to our product pages with text boxes and fills them with crap. They used to do it on the product reviews too.

      P.S. I don't know alot about bandwidth either. I feel like maybe I remember hearing that robots clawling your pages could do this. I could be so wrong though.


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        I seem to be noticing high bandwidth as well, and we have not really went live yet? I have told a dozen customers, who were testing and browsing site, but to get .5 gb of bandwidth seems awefully high in 7 days?



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          I just can't figure it out - my bandwidth usage is not reflected in sales. I'm using more bandwidth than ever - but have had zilch for sales.

          I did remove the very small thumbnails that show with the Next/Prev buttons on the product pages. I think that helped some - but it looks like I'll have to upgrade.

          If I upgrade I'll triple my bandwidth - If I use that up in a month then I don't know I'll do. My shop is just too small.

          It would be a GREAT problem to have if the increased traffic meant an increase in sales.
          C Ekman
          Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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            You have that much bandwidth used that you're nearing the limit for the month?
            Are you doing a lot of ftp uploads and downloads?
            Do you have large PDF files or any kind of downloads available on your site?
            We had this issue on two occasions about two years ago.
            1) the network/store scans by the security audit process (which only happened once)
            2) our images were too large. We resized all the images in the file manager


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              I have only done one product upload this month and about 50-60 images.

              I do not have PDF files or any downloadable files

              My images average around 60-70 kb for the large size and 7-9 kb for the thumbnails.
              C Ekman
              Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                What does REPORTS>STATISTICS reflect?
                Check the visitors and hits
                and then check the bandwidth report
                Here's ours for one store in January. We average about 800 hits/day

                Date Bandwidth (MB)

                1/1/2009 35.97
                1/2/2009 54.80
                1/3/2009 50.29
                1/4/2009 56.41
                1/5/2009 90.78
                1/6/2009 111.25
                1/7/2009 86.56
                1/8/2009 76.56
                1/9/2009 69.23
                1/10/2009 47.73
                1/11/2009 75.48
                1/12/2009 76.98
                1/13/2009 78.78
                1/14/2009 104.04
                1/15/2009 61.24
                1/16/2009 118.62
                1/17/2009 16.35

                Total bandwidth used: 1,211.08

                and, funny thing is, our other store is not recording bandwidth.......only two days in the last month...
                Last edited by Mark; 01-17-2009, 11:21 AM.


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                  We generate around 2 million hits per month and over 1,000 products( site), and currently that only reflexs about 2 gb bandwidth use per month. Have been consistant for most of 2008.

                  But from the stats here on 3Dcart, the same traffic would show over 4gb? Seems like the bandwidth count is off??? We are using to test this 3DCart out, with hardly any product.

                  Could possibly the bandwidth counting measures 3D is using be off?

                  Mark, your only getting 800 hits a day with that much bandwidth tell me something is not right with 3DCarts counting methods?



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                    Here's mine - much higher than Mark's

                    1/1/2009 296.14
                    1/2/2009 283.73
                    1/3/2009 236.50
                    1/4/2009 234.40
                    1/5/2009 262.72
                    1/6/2009 232.04
                    1/7/2009 239.33
                    1/8/2009 249.77
                    1/9/2009 248.40
                    1/10/2009 316.58
                    1/11/2009 250.88
                    1/12/2009 257.31
                    1/13/2009 293.60
                    1/14/2009 243.58
                    1/15/2009 247.02

                    By far the biggest culprit is


                    I'm sure that's displaying thumbnail images - but those should only be 6-9 kb each. Is it taking larger images and shrinking them down to use for the thumbnail?

                    I have about 3,000 products - but visitors have been low. However they do like to browse when shopping - especially the cross stitch category. They aren't sure what they want so look at everything.
                    C Ekman
                    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                      OK now I'm concerned. We've only been on 3dcart since last May, and this is my first experience running a site that had any amount of traffic so I don't know what's normal or not. I thought our bandwidth seemed high and we had to upgrade as a result of this. I just checked that report and our bandwidth is around 300MB/day, with an average of 500 visits per day. I guess ours is higher than normal. I keep all images 50kb or less. :confused:


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                        what are your visits/hits stats for those bandwidth readings?


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                          wow, you definately have an issue. We have streaming videos and don't use that kind of bandwidth,


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                            I am hoping 3DCart responds as this could be a serious issue with us. So before we commit to higher service, I would likes to hear how this works. Seems aweful high on all counts.

                            I believe there is a site out there that can track bandwidth, will have to see if I can find it for you all....



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                              Thanks Mark and Milezone

                              Any advice is much appreciated.

                              Here are my visits/hits report:

                              1/5/2009 338 2965
                              1/6/2009 410 2791
                              1/7/2009 393 2642
                              1/8/2009 627 3061
                              1/9/2009 384 2660
                              1/10/2009 445 2338
                              1/11/2009 450 2816
                              1/12/2009 433 2881
                              1/13/2009 378 3511
                              1/14/2009 472 2741
                              1/15/2009 482 4974
                              Total 4815 33403

                              I'm not sure how to interpret this in a way I can use it.

                              As stated before it's the thumbnails that are killing me - but I calculated it out and it's displaying an average thumbnail size of 8kb - which I don't think is horrible.

                              I do have people who browse a lot - but I'm such a small business - I don't understand the reports to know if this is normal or not.

                              I'm already over my bandwidth usage for the month. I haven't had a sale or anything to draw extra visits to my site and my orders have been almost non-existent. I honestly don't know if I could stay in the bounds of the next higher package.

                              I do know that my bandwidth seems to have really increased since the first of the year. I have cancelled my google PPC advertising and that used to bring a TON of lookers to my site. But, maybe my page ranks are getting better, who knows.

                              I don't mind paying for the traffic if I have proportionate sales to go with it - that would be a great problem to have. After all - we all want more people to find our site.

                              Thanks again
                              C Ekman
                              Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner