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Do you use the Live Chat feature?

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  • Do you use the Live Chat feature?

    If so what do you think?

    In your professional opinions :) would it be worth a try for someone like me who is the ONLY employee?

    I am at my computer MANY hours during the day. I forsee 'turning it on' while I'm at the computer and 'turning it off' when I leave the computer. So there would be no set hours.

    Is there a huge bandwidth hit, or does it slow response time much?

    Did you have trouble implementing it?

    Do you have troubles with customers on different platforms?

    Do the customers have to install anything to use it?

    Thanks for your opinions.
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    I've heard good things about it and probably saves of toll-free number calls.
    One word of caution. Only answer chats. Never initiate them.
    I was on a site once and someone was watching what I was looking at and a live chat window popped up and asked if I have any questions about the product! :eek:
    I was gone from that site soooooooo quick.
    That's a little too intrusive for me. :o

    However, on the other hand I see it as valuable for many types of product lines and usually boosts conversion if the live chat is manned during business hours.


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      Originally posted by Mark View Post
      Only answer chats. Never initiate them.
      I agree completely.

      One other question - do you get an alert that someone has initiated a chat. For example - if I'm a few feet away at my bead table - would I hear a distinct sound?
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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        I too am interested in using Live Chat--maybe it will help to cut down on the number of abandoned carts. If anyone has any feedback about the ease of use and helpfulness of the Live Chat add on I'd like to hear it!


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          Just didn't search far enough! This thread seemed to answer my questions:


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            Livechat has been for us the single best tool for learning customer behavior, bar none. The ability to see what your customers are doing in real time is invaluable in my opinion. Analytics software is good, but you will miss some of the back-and-forth customers perform before making their decision. You will be able to identify many problem areas of your site that you never even before considered. Our site looks very different now than it did before we started using livechat. What we learned by watching our customers has had a huge impact on the design of our site.

            As far as initiating the chat, I also hesitated at first for fear of it being too intrusive. Now I do it all the time (with pretty good success). The reason I changed my mind and started doing this is that many large well-known websites are employing this technique now (Home Depot immediately comes to mind). I have converted many sales by initiating the chat. It is possible that I may have lost some as well, but I doubt that it is a significant number. If I put myself in the customer's shoes, I don't think that I would not buy from a site simply because a chat window opened.

            Sometimes the customer doesn't even notice the livechat button on the page. They may decline your invitation at first (maybe because they are startled), only to come back and initiate a chat a few minutes later. One thing I do not do is jump on the customer the moment they enter the site. I let them look around for a few minutes at first to gauge their level of interest. Many times I will see a customer bouncing back and forth between a step 2 or 3 and some other page. More often than not, they have some type of question or problem. Everyone's customers are different, so it really comes down to learning their behavior and figuring out when and if you should initiate the chat.

            For the cost of $15 per month, I don't think you will ever find a tool that teaches you as much about ecommerce or helps to convert as many sales. If you find one, please let me know. ;)
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              I use LiveChat. Used to be at Basic Plan so paid $15.00/mo. Now, it comes standard with my plan which pretty much includes all the Plug-ins.

              The good thing about this, you have no set hours to log in. In fact, one of the advantages of having one, you can see your store traffic right at first glance. Kind of like being in a brick/mortar store and see people browsing your merchandise. The sad part is, sometimes you'd see that nobody is around browsing at all :D

              Bandwidth wise, didn't affect mine enough to really notice it. Implementing is fast and easy! Just add the script to a page you want to track traffic -- or in my case, the header.

              Depending on the products you sell, more often, customers would want to ask you about the product itself -- in my case, compatibility. Does this accessory works with this smartphone model or what other accessories can you recommend. Very beneficial and you can actually close more deals just because you were available when they needed clarifications. If you are not available, they can always leave you a message.


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                We use a 3rd party chat program. We own it, and do not rent it. But we had to host it on our server instead of 3d carts... it works great on our 3d site though.

                AT Cross Personalized Pens


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                  Thanks - If I upgrade - which I think I'll have to - then the Live Chat is 'free' - so I think I'll try it out.
                  C Ekman
                  Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                    I've just configured Live Chat, and have a couple of questions that are probably obvious to all but me :)

                    1) I've placed the link to our button in my global header, so it can be seen from every page. If I paste the tracking script onto the global category and listing pages here:

                    settings>>design>>titles and content>>category page

                    will it reflect properly? Or does the script have to be manually entered on each page?

                    2) I have my sound on, but in testing I have not heard a bell or chime to let me know that someone is waiting for an answer

                    Thank you!


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                      I ended up putting both bits of code into the left banner field since I don't use it for anything else. This field is then called into the frame file so it shows on every page.

                      Which browser are you using for the livechat monitor? The reason I ask is that the audible incoming chat alarm only works in IE.


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                        Thanks for that--I am using Firefox, so that's why I don't get the chime :(

                        As for putting the code into the banner field, does it allow you to see tracking for every single page, including individual products? Right now tracking only works for the pages that I have manually entered the code--the global category and global listing doesn't seem to work. Since I have so many category and sub-category pages, putting that code on each one will take me quite a while, so I'm looking for a quicker way :)


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                          To answer myself again :), it appears that the global category and listing page tracking script does work for individual products--just not in Firefox! Now that I'm using IE (which I hate), all is well. I like that instead of a chime you get an actual voice message alert that someone wants to chat--a little freaky the first time, but got my attention.

                          Thanks to everyone for all of their input!


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                            When someone initiates chat request for me, it says "incoming chat request". I don't remember setting this up, I remember it being automatic. However, I set up the live chat over a year ago, so it is possible I forgot.


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                              Thanks for the posts - This is good to know information. I printed out the Live Chat user's guide - but it just said - "Put code on any page you want tracked" So I had the same question - would putting it in a global area track correctly? Looks like it will. thanks again for posting your results!
                              C Ekman
                              Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner