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Discount by payment type?

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  • GonzaloGil
    There is no way to do this at this time, and its going to be a tricky feature to add because the payment selection is on the last page, so the discount could not really be shown...

    What i would do instead is say:

    Buy with paypal get 5% off your next order.

    And email them a 5% coupon so they can use it on the next order :)

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  • Robking
    started a topic Discount by payment type?

    Discount by payment type?

    wondering if anyone knows if there is a way in the admin to offer discount by payment type?

    IE say I wanted to offer a week sale and have it so if you pay via paypal you get 10% off the order.

    Any way to set this up?

    Tks for the help.