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hotlink bandwidth theft

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  • hotlink bandwidth theft

    someone had copied our content and were hotlinking from their ebay listings.
    We changed the hotlinked image to a textual listing of our website. :cool:
    for the slim bandwidth of this image (3k) we think it may be worth it to let it be.
    i doubt they will ever find the concesquences of their copyright theft......heh heh :cool:

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    You could always change the image to a fraud alert. That would get their attention. Also, get 3dCart to create a hotlink section in your .htaccess and it won't affect images on your site


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      How do you tell if people are hotlinking your images? We're not experiencing bandwidth issues currently, but it'd be good to know.


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        I see there are a few for your images...:cool:

        We don't mind as long as there is a link to our website when they hotlink our images. That's cheap advertising.
        But, when they just hotlink your image just cause they have no where to host it, that's wrong.
        Most are innocent postings, but, copy and pasting your exact product description to be used for commercial purposes, that's a no no.

        just go to and input linkdomain:www. mydomain .com -site:www. mydomain .com


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          Thank you for the way to determine hotlinking. Our bandwidth is at 98% so far this month and we just realized a competitor has been hot-linking to our site some of our material. We have changed the name of our material, so, we assume the bandwidth is no longer stolen. Not sure how we intend to handle the situation. But thanks again for that yahoo link!


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            How did you discover that your competitor was hot-linking to your material? I'd like to check for the same thing.


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              see the post above ours. It shows the format. :)
              Keep in mind, this will show all links to your site from all sources except your own domainname. Many are advantageous or planned, however, some may show hot-linking to your images/code