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  • Feature charge at checkout

    Ok, I stumped myself on this one, does anyone have a solution??

    I want to add an option during checkout so a customer can request rush processing of their order for an extra $6, and that amount will be added to the order total real time.

    Any ideas on this one??

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    I would try creating (copying an existing shipping method) a shipping method and add the expedite charge as a "markup". Instead of a markup of a 'percentage' you can use a $6 amount. Then title the shipping method something like: "shipping method with rush in-house processing" :p


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      That is an idea, but its not something I would want to do. I thought about using the insurance option to do it with, but that wouldn't be ethical.:D

      I'll come up with something someday.............


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        I'm not sure what you mean, then.

        Maybe try the insurance part and reword the store language or alter the template to change the wording.

        Or, you could add a required checkout question.
        Something like, check this box (yes/no) for expedited handling (an addtional $6 surcharge will apply)
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          I was going to do the checkout question thing, but I want the amount to be added to the total so when their credit card is charged, its already in there.

          But, I did find two possible solutions.
          I can go into the template and modify the code to make it do what I want


          I can use the insurance option, change the wording through store language and do it that way.

          something to think about...........

          And thanks for your help on this