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Adding a link to add to mailing list?

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  • Adding a link to add to mailing list?

    Does anyone know if there is any html coding that I could use to put into an email that would allow a person to simply click on the link to add themselves back on to the mailing list?

    The thing is our mailing list is over 25000 people and I dont want ot be sending out 100K emails a month to a bunch of people who arent reading them or using them. So I was thinking I would send out an email to everyone on the list telling that that I was deleting the list and that all they had to do was click "here" to be put back on the list... but I cant seem to find the code to do that. I thought I had read somewhere that you could use the same code as you do for removing them from the list but that has not worked in the test emails I have sent myself...
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    I would be interested in knowing if this can be done, and how, as well. Were you ever able to find a solution?