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  • Image Filenames...export?

    Anyone know the best way (or any way for that matter) of exporting some kind of list with all the filenames of my images, including their paths.

    I uploaded a bunch of images for some products I'm about to add, then I used 3dCart's batch resizing tool to make the thumbnails. But know I'd like to add the path to these images to the product spreadsheet i"m planning to import with all the basic product info.

    I hope that made sense. Basically, I'd like to get some kind of list that gives me the full path to all my images in a particular folder.

    Anyone have any suggestions/advice, etc? Thanks in advance!


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    the products export will do this for you. All the paths to ALL the images for each product are there. There may be an export for the file manager (all files whether used or not). I'll have to go look.


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      Hopefully I'm understanding correctly. But if you've already uploaded your images say in "FOLDER1" using the file manager in 3dcart - then here's how I get the file information into my product import spreadsheet that I would then import into 3dcart:

      (This may be a little more detail then you may need but may be helpful for others)


      My images are usually named using the item id number of the item. So item number "123" gets an image name of "123.jpg". Since I already have the item number listed under the id column in the spreadsheet - I create a new column for the image1 field and then use the Concatenate feature in excel to add the file path to the item numbers in the id column.

      So to get this:

      "assets/templates/default/images/FOLDER1/123.jpg" as the first field in the image1 column - I would add this formula to that field:

      (where A1 is of course the column where the first item number/id field is located).

      I then copy that formula and paste it as far down in that column as needed.
      Next I select everything in that column, copy it and then select "paste values" so that the formulas no longer appear in the fields.


      Then to get the path in your spreadsheet for those thumbnail images (which should have the "_thumbnail.jpg" extension) that you resized using the batch manager feature I follow the same steps above except I use a formula similar to this:


      Hope that all makes sense. Let me know if you need more clarification.


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        Thanks Mark & Scribetime...

        Mark - My mistake...I should have been clearer with my question. These are images that are yet to be assigned to a product (they are unused as of now). So using the product export will not work at this time.

        Scribetime - thanks for your suggestion. I've used that formula on Excel before for other things and you're right, it would work just fine if the images were named in a logical format like that. Unfortunately, these images were provided to me by one of the manufacturers and that company did the naming of the files. They of course wanted to make my life more difficult and didn't name the files the same as the item name/number.

        Anyway, I'll continue my search for a solution. I've now realized I don't really need the path as much as just a list of the filenames. I can use the CONCATENATE formula in Excel as Scribetime suggested to insert the correct path. I guess what I really need is some way to export the image file names from the File Manager on images that have yet to be assigned to a product.

        Thank you both for responding and providing me with suggestions. This is a perfect example of why this forum is so important and should be utilized more by everyone.


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          Thank you Scribe Time!

          I realize this is an old post, but I did a search to try to find out a way to easily compile my image filenames into a ss that could be imported & Scribe Time, your suggestion...
          (where A1 is of course the column where the first item number/id field is located).

          ...worked perfectly & has saved me a lot of time! So, thanks! I'm really enjoying having a forum to look these kinds of things up. Wish it were a little more active, but looks like things are maybe picking up at least - and it's good there's still access to older threads like this one that are still very useful.


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            Sometimes Antiques Are Valuable

            I have a Win95 shareware program called FileGrabber that I use. One can drag & drop contents of Explorer folders and create spreadsheet format from the contents. Cumbersome but works. Even use it to provide eBay with proof of date of creation of photo when we catch someone using our photos. If you'd like a copy PM me with email and I'll send it.


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              Another great shareware program is called "Useful File Utilities" Useful File Utilities - Main Page
              You can download your directory via FTP , then use this program to give you a list of the files in the folder.

              This program is also great for bulk changing file names (renaming), find a replace either in filenames, or inside spreadsheets, and many other useful utilites. Download the main program, then download plugins seperately.