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  • Default shipping method

    I have a "samples only free shipping" option. This will only sort as the default since the amount is $0. So, even though I have made it very clear that the free ship option is only for samples, at least once a week someone with full sized products leaves it at the "samples only free shipping". Then I have to paypal invoice them for the shipping. I am thinking of getting rid of it as a ship option and just making it a coupon code. My samples are sub-products so there is no way to set them as free shipping. Any suggestions or anyone else had a similar problem?

    I have mentioned this to support so hopefully they will include the ability for us to choose a default shipping method in the next version.

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    Have you considered adding a custom rule where that option only shows when the purchase amount is less than XX ... I think you'd have to make it $1 as I don't think it would work with 0. But that would make it so it only appears for orders that qualify.


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      bye bye free sample shipping

      Thanks for the suggestion. :) But that won't work.

      I received 2 orders this morning. Both had NO samples. And both chose the free shipping for samples only. I am getting rid of this option until 3dcart makes it possible for us to choose a default shipping rate no matter the value.


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        Couldn't you make those samples a certain weight, say 180 lbs? Then, that sub-sku would be 180 lbs, and you would have a "Free" custom option that would only come up on order totals of $180.

        We have done something like this successfully, with Jimmy's help.