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  • Refund/Void Orders

    I had a customer that called in to place an order. I processed it as usual, the she changed her mind about one item and asked me to remove it from her order. I made the mistake of clicking on the void/refund button in the custom transaction section and it refunded her entire order payment - not just the portion that I removed.

    I've searched the downloads section and this forum and I can find nothing that explains exactly what this is supposed to do. Can someone help me out or point me in the right direction?



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    I had a situation last weekend and I was petrified to click that button for fear that would happen. It was a google checkout transaction, so I found a way around it.

    I guess it depends on who you are using for your processor, I use paypal so I just run it through, then go to paypal and issue a refund for the difference. I did that with google checkout too, don't know if its right or makes any difference. I guess if it all adds up the same, whats the difference.

    If you go to your processor they might be able to reverse it as long as its the same day. Depends on who you are using.


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      Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if it was something I did wrong.

      Luckily, I had a understanding customer. I'd love to be able to use this for partial refunds and such, so all of the transaction history would be housed within the order. For now though, I'm keeping my fingers off the refund/void button.



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        My understanding is that the custom transaction field only changed the transaction in 3dcart. To actually issue a refund or add the amount of another item to the order - I thought you had to manually go through your processor to credit or debit the amount.


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          I'm not sure what is is for exactly. When I hit Refund/Void, it refunded the entire amount. I verified that by going to my Authorize.Net account and indeed it was refunded, so it does link to the merchant gateway in some fashion.



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            I second the request that I would love to see that button having the ability to do partial refunds.


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              I had a similar situation recently where the customer wanted to remove an item and add a different one to her order. I click on the void/refund button thinking that it would let me do a partial refund.

              Luckily, I had the customer on the phone while this happened, so I was able to get the CC# again, and had to manually process it thru paypal.

              Partial refunds would be nice, but being able to add to an order and charge the additional amount from the system would be even better! We sometimes get this type of requests via CRM or e-mail (add/remove a product from their order, upgrade shipping, etc), and they think we can see their credit card number to charge the difference in amount.