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Multiple Wearhouses

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  • Mark
    Sure! :)

    This is my favorite feature of the cart. Use the SETTINGS>DISTRIBUTORS page. Put the address in for each distributor, and then save and then check the "Use for Shipping" check box. This will calculate shipping seperately for each warehouse.
    However, as with us, when you have several products from several different warehouses in the same order, customers will often get "shipping charges sticker shock" :eek:
    There is really no workaround, though, if you ship from several warehouses. We try to encourage customers to order products from the same distrbutor as much as possible. We also have a shipment "time frame" pages that lists estimated shipment times from our top warehouse locations....

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    started a topic Multiple Wearhouses

    Multiple Wearhouses

    Hello Everyone!
    I am not sure if I am understanding this correctly. My issue is this I have multiple wearhouses that ship different items for me. Is there any way that i can add them all so I can can get the correct updated shipping charges for the different wearhouses, that would be updated for the product that each may ship? Thanks Mike:)